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There’s nothing I find more interesting about celebs than the causes they’re passionate about and the charitable company they keep. Think Angela and Third World refugees; Bono and poverty in Africa. When it comes to a cause that’s very dear to my heart, women and our place in the world, there are two big names that come to mind: the legendary actress Jane Fonda and the most super of supermodels/an amazing entrepreneur, Iman. Throughout their careers, they have both demonstrated a serious commitment showcasing vision and leadership for the advancement of women’s rights and opportunities around the globe. So it’s only fitting that we give you the 411 on the upcoming gala honoring these two industry icons.
[/center] “Changing the Landscape for Women” is a Center for the Advancement of Women (CAW) event that takes place on Wednesday September 13 at the Waldorf Astoria. This organization conducts research to help uncover and address issues that concern women, such as the impact of terrorist attacks on us and how gender issues divide and unite. CAW is an independent, nonpartisan, nonprofit research and public education institution that was created to advance women’s equal participation in every level of society within diverse cultures around the world. The institution is run by Faye Wattleton, a respected advocate for women, a renowned author and a National Women’s Hall of Fame inductee. Sponsors for the gala include The Oprah Winfrey Foundation, Lily Safra, William Campbell and Marge Magner. Our October issue will include a wrap-up article on the event as well as more information from founder Faye Wattleton on future CAW programs and plans. For more information on the event and Center for the Advancement of Women, check out www.advancewomen.org.


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[/center] Lights. Camera. Fashion Week! Yes, that sacred time of haute couture strutting down the most famous catwalk in the world is upon us again. Yes, the Spring collections are going to wow us with their splashes of color. But we’re not schlepping to the tents to tell you about the clothes, darling. No, no, we’re going to get you the scoop on the hair makeup. But first, a “video” peek into the au currant in beauty. The Fall 2006 face, in action.

We met with [b]Samantha von Sperling, owner of Polished Social Image Consultants[/b], to find out how to creat the face of autumn, which we learned is all about a strong eye. Samantha was able to transform the pure, nude face of Alisa Leonard in a matter of minutes, giving her a glossy lip, smokey eye in a palette of rich shades including aubergine and jade, and making her skin lustrous with the new [b]Radiant Touch foundation by Yves Saint Laurent[/b] (www.saks.com). Other hot looks for Fall are the red, red lip and lash extensions. Just remember: choose one look and make it work, as Tim Gunn would say.

Oh and, yes, you heard me, lash extensions. Your best bet is to get them done in a salon (read all about Lash Extensions at J Sisters:(A Good Lashing – BeautyNewsNYC.com – City Pulse) , but you can kiss those faux lashes goodbye! Or, you can plump up your own with [b]Lancome [i]Fatale[/i][/b], the choice is yours!

To get the scoop and watch Samantha transform Alisa’s face into a canvas that even the haute-professionals of Fashion Week will adore, click on our streaming video link and enjoy! And look for the City Pulse in your inbox this coming week. We will be taking you backstage with photos, interviews and podcasts of Olympus Fashion Week’s best and brightest. Be amongst the first to see what’s heading our way for Spring 2006.

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