Aliens of the Deep


I saw [i]Aliens of the Deep[/i] last night. It’s an IMAX movie about James Cameron’s expeditions under deep and I do mean deep ocean water. The weird thing about IMAX movies is that they give you these really weird glasses so when you’re watching the film, everything feels 3D. And it does, I found myself ducking when machinery seemed to jump out towards me and lost half my nachos when a giant squid suddenly appeared onscreen.

I was enthralled with this incredible underwater panorama, but was disappointed on the lack of science. It seemed strange to me to hear marine biologists saying things like, “oh that’s cool” or “right on.” C’mon I don’t think America is so dumb that they couldn’t understand a bit more science than, “look at the fish, it’s ugly.” I would have loved more information about the rills they were diving into, and that’s the thing, deep ocean caverns are called rills, and (argh) they didn’t even use the word once! Halfway through the film, and again, should I call it a documentary, film or promotional material? I ask that because it seemed that Cameron switched gears from talking about the mystery, beauty of the ocean, and the need to explore and understand it, to how important it was to continue space exploration. They started throwing in CGI effect about possible missions to Jupiter’s moons and the ending was another CGI (computer generated image) of the real life biologists meeting aliens in another world. Is it me, or is there a problem here?

I also hated the fact that the, whatever it is, isn’t even an hour long. I was lucky, I got in for free, but if you’re paying $15 or so for a movie, shouldn’t you get to be in a nice warm theater for at least an hour before you have to outside and freeze again?

Speaking of drama, I was able to run home and catch [i]Project Runway[/i]. I can’t even begin to tell you how happy I was that Morgan was finally eliminated as a model. What a psycho! Not only did she try to sabotage the work of almost every designer she modeled for on the show, you never knew if she’d be late, on time or what. About a week or so before, I saw an interview with the designers of Heatherette, and they’d shown clips of their shows; Morgan was on the catwalk. So, it’s not like she needed the money or exposure. I hoped and prayed like Chelsea, Diana, Meg and almost everyone else I know that Wendy was going to be eliminated. Instead they got rid of Kevin, even though Wendy’s outfit fell apart on the runway. Did you see the clips of the forthcoming show? Then you know that she starts getting really ballistic. Oh, I am soo excited; do we finally see the end of Wendy?

My prediction for the three designers who make it to Fashion Week are; Kara, Austin and Jay. Sorry Chelsea, but I don’t think Robert’s going to make it, but yes, he is cute.

So when life is getting a bit dramatic, or you’re just hating the grey skies of winter, whip on these babies.

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Designer [b]Robert Marc[/b] was inspired by the romantic island that’s pictured in the 1950 movie, Stromboli. There’s a scene where beauteous Ingrid Bergman is seduced by sexy Roberto Rosselini. The island inspired him to create these fantabulously wonderful burgundy sunglasses. Did I mention that they’re lined in pink! PINK! Wear them now to remind you of sunnier days, wear them when it’s sunny, so you can look ever so chic. Wear them when it’s miserable out, and you’ll feel beautiful. Need I mention that sunglasses are great for flirting? The style is 539 and can be purchased at any Robert Marc boutique in New York,

[b]Mentor-tinis[/b] are on deck at the Metro 53 Bar* Restaurant* Lounge tonight! What’s a mentor-tini? It’s a chance to come on board and become a member of the Big Brother/Big Sister organization sponsored by the [b]Borough Mentoring Networks of New York City[/b]. Join them, not only for the excellent drink specials, but to find out about this worthy organization and volunteering opportunities. The drink specials are: $4 beers, $5 mentor-tinis and $5 mixed drinks and wine.

What: Mentor-tini Happy Hour sponsored by the Borough Mentoring Networks of New York City.
When: Thursday January 27, 4 -8 PM (This is a recurring event – every last Thursday of the month)

Where: Metro 53 Bar*Restaurant*Lounge @ 307 East 53rd Street, between 1st and 2nd St

[b]The Jade Nectar Gallery[/b] is hosting the show, “2PERSPECTIVES” and the artist reception and opening night is this Saturday. On display are paintings by Lana Santorelli and Brian Leighton. Drinks and appetizers will be served. Visit the artists’ websites to view their work, [url=][/url], and [url=][/url]

What: “2PERSPECTIVES” @ The Jade Nectar Gallery
When: Saturday, January 29th I 7pm-11pm
Where: 62 Cooper Sq. (Lafayette St. & 3rd Ave.), East Village

[b]Freecycle NYC[/b] provides an online forum where furniture, clothes, electronics, books and more are kept out of landfills and by connecting New Yorkers who have unwanted items with those who could use them, year round. This January 29th the group is hosting their second ever “Freemeet”–a live event where Freecyclers and environmentally interested folks meet face-to-face to give away extras, find second-hand treasures and make new friends.

What: Freecycle NYC Post-Holiday Re-Gifting Freemeet
Where: The Sixth Street Community Center,
638 E. Sixth Street, between Avenues B & C
When: January 29, 2005, 10 am to 6pm
How: The group requests that all items be in working condition, legal and appropriate for all ages. The space is limited, no furniture please!
The event is open to the public and admission is free, of course.
Over 10,000 New Yorkers are already Freecycling! For more information, visit [url=][/url]

Korean Cultural Service is presenting a fusion jazz concert, Wednesday, February 2, featuring [b]In Young Baek[/b]. He’s been nicknamed the “master of improvisation, by the Korean Press and is a master of the gayaguem. That instrument is an ancient Korean stringed instrument with a wooden board and moveable bridges. Baek will be performing a mix of traditional and contemporary Korean music, and modern and jazz selections backed by the jazz Hyeson Hong Ensemble and Rami Seo and Haerina Park.

What: Fusion Jazz Concert
When: Wednesday, February 2, 7 PM
Where: Korean Culture Service, 460 Park Ave @ 57th Street, 6th Floor
RSVP: 212-759-9550
Cost: Free
Website: [url=][/url] [b]Dr. Hauschka[/b] is having Valentine Day Events in Long Island. If you’re off to visit family, friends or just want to get out of the city, make an appointment, have fun and relax. The first event is Friday, February 11, at Pomponner, 12 Birch Hill Road, Locust Valley, from 11 AM – 5 PM. Complimentary mini facials & make up consultations. Surprise your sweetie with 45 minutes of pampering & beautiful make up applications using only pure Dr. Hauschka cosmetics. There’s a free gift with purchase, only a two item purchase is required. Call 516-609-9090 for your appointment. The next event is Saturday, February 12th at Aromatherapy Essentials, 326 Main Street, Huntington. You’ll be able to enjoy all of the items mentioned above, to make an appointment, please call 631-692-2626.

[b]E. Harcourt’s Maintenance[/b] is taking half off soaps, candles, fragrances, as well as a smattering of fashion pieces (mink handbags are now $75 to $154).
When: Through 1/30 (Mon.-Sat. noon-7pm; Sun. noon-6pm).
Where: 219 Mott St., near Prince St., 212-226-8028.

[b]Lyell’s[/b] vintage collection, as well as feminine dresses, coats, and cords, are starting at half off.
When: Through 1/28 (Tues.-Sun. noon-7pm).
Where: 173 Elizabeth St., nr. Spring St., 212-966-8484.

[b]Elizabeth Charles[/b] is taking 50 to 75 percent off her stock of hip Australian designer clothes.
When: Through 2/14 (Tues.-Sat. noon-7:30pm; Sun. noon-6:30pm).
Where: 639 1/2 Hudson St., near Horatio St., 212-243-3201.

[b]Steven Alan’s[/b] men’s and women’s clothes from the house label, Mayle, Twinkle, and others are marked down by up to 50 percent; Inhabit cashmere sweaters are now $125.
When: Through 2/15 (call for store hours).
Where: 87 Franklin St., near Church St., 212-343-0692; 465 Amsterdam Ave., near 82nd St., 212-595-8451.

[b]Beyond the Bosphorus[/b] has hand-woven kilims and pillows for half off.
When: Through 2/10 (Tues.-Sun. noon-7:30pm).
Where: 79 Sullivan St., near Spring St., 212-219-8257.

[b]Charles Tyrwhitt’s[/b] crisp men’s and women’s shirts start at $34 at the sale; that’s up to 70 percent off.
When: Through 1/31 (Mon.-Fri.10am-7:30pm; Thurs. 10am-8pm; Sat. 10am-6pm; Sun. noon-5pm).
Where: 377 Madison Ave., at 46th St., 212-286-8988.

[b]Nancy & Co[/b]. is taking 30 to 75 percent off clothes and accessories from Kooba, Shin Choi, Paul & Joe, and others.
When: Through 2/28 (Mon.-Sat. 10am-7pm; Sun. noon-6pm).
Where: 1242 Madison Ave., at 89th St., 212-427-0770.

[b]Armani Casa[/b] furniture is up to half off.
When: 1/19-2/13 (Tues.-Sat. 11am-7pm; Sun. noon-6pm).
Where: 97 Greene St., nr. Prince St., 212-334-1271.

[b]RM Designs/Reva Mivasagar’s[/b] bridal gowns are up to 80 percent off. By appointment only.
When: 1/31-2/12 (Mon.-Sat. noon-6pm).
Where: 10 W. 18th St., nr. Fifth Ave., 4th fl., 212-372-2804.

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