All They Want For Christmas: Hot Gifts for Sibs


Christmas time is supposed to be about good tidings of comfort and joy. But that comfort turns to torture and joy to tears when you can’t find that certain special something for those naughty and nice ones on your list. Before you’re driven to rockin’ a white coat with oh so unfashionable restraints and rhythmic body movements to match, check out my picks for your favorite brother or sister. For those siblings who made you question whether or not you were truly related for most of the year, then half-heartedly wish them a Merry Christmas, hand them a gift card and say better luck next time (Don’t forget to throw in a Christmas card for good measure). I’m only kidding, it’s holiday time. Let bygones be bygones!

In-the-City Sis


She’ll go equally crazy for this IPod Touch. Its multi-touch interface lets you control everything with the touch of your fingers. You can glide through albums, view and resize photos or zoom in and out of webpages. It also features a touchscreen QUERTY keyboard for easy web browsing. This device does so much I could sing its praises all day long. Available in 8GB and 16 GB, go to to find out more.

Out-of-the-City Sis


When your sister opens this stuff on Christmas morning, you’ll be given the best gift awards of holiday 2007. Family and friends will envy your eye for all things new and hot. These Logitech FreePulse Wireless Headphones will give hours of clear, interference free audio from up to 33 feet away. Position the patented stereo plug into your mp3 player for hands-free, wire-free listening. This is a must have for a work out. Available at

In-the-City Bro


Your brother will be on his way to becoming the next Spielberg with this Aiptek HD Camcorder. This camcorder is pocket size, has a nice metallic blue casing and allows for playback on an HDTV, TV and PC/Mac. It can take 5 megapixel pictures and has a setting for night shooting. I bet he could get some newsworthy events around NYC and share them on Available at

Out-of-the-City Bro


This Nokia N95 8GB GPS and Camera Phone would be a great addition to his collection of gadgets. He can have a conversation, figure out directions to various locations (perfect for men who can’t ask for directions), and snap some good photos. It can also be a digital music player and stereo fm radio. What a great stocking stuffer! Available at

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