An EEK-O-Friendly Halloween and After

Kermit was wrong. It is easy being green on Halloween. When it comes to costumes and décor, you don’t need to break the bank buying fancy Halloween decorations. Rather, reuse, borrow, trade and make your own. For treat bags, take an old purse and adorn it with husks and leaves. An old flower pot can also do the trick (just cover the hole), or take an old cloth sack, your kid’s former backpack, or last year’s lunch box. Stay away from corn syrup, palm oil, or chemically-laden candies, while looking for alternatives like pretty rocks, coins, and homemade cookies.

You can also pick healthy snacks like Stretch Island Fruit Co’s all natural Fruit Strips. There is a variety of flavors to chose from such as Abundant Apricot and Autumn Apple, Ripened Raspberry, Summer Strawberry and more. You can also select healthy Fruitabu Rolls. They are delicious, flavored with the purée of real fruits, have no artificial additives or added sugar. The Fruitabu Rolls have yummy flavors such as Smoooched Apples®, Smoooched Grape®, Smoooched Strawberries® and more….

Also learn to make your own Natural Face Paint following this recipe:

1 tsp cornstarch
1 1/2 tsp all –natural diaper rash dream
1-2 drops of natural/organic food coloring
1/2-1 tsp of water (depending on desired consistency)

In a small bowl, mix cornstarch, diaper cream and food coloring. If necessary, add water to achieve desired consistency.

After the parties, collect all candy wrappers and help your kids turn them into collages, purses, and picture frames. Keep all decorations for next year and compost pumpkins and any other food, including leftover candy. For more tips on an EEK-o-friendly Halloween, check out, and get a load of cool ideas to make that day special and earth-conscious.

See Kermit, it’s fun being Green on Halloween.

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