An Evening of Beauty in Paradise


NYC ladies were in for a treat last Wednesday night as Paradise 54 owner Elsie Loreus opened up her salon to an evening of makeovers. Paradise 54, located just two blocks south of Times Square at W. 39th, is a small but cozy salon, perfect for the evening ahead. Guests snacked on fruit, cookies and crackers while they waited for the night to begin.

The makeup party was held by Motives cosmetics. First introduced in 1997, Motives is known for it’s highly customized products. Motives makeup technicians hold personal consultations with clients to find the proper tone and color for customers, and they did this with a few guests at Paradise54 on Wednesday night. On-lookers were shown how technicians pick the proper tone and color. The consultant explain that there are 2 skin tones: cool and warm. Eighty percent of individuals fall into the cool category, known for usually darker hair and skin that is able to tan. Persons of warm tones usually have hair color that is red, strawberry blonde or natural golden blonde and skin color that is usually pale and unable to tan. After determining skin tone, the consultant looks for high or low intensity pigment.


The Motives technique to figuring out skin tone and pigment is done through placing colored sheets with a cut-out around your face. Guests had sheets of hot pink, orange, beige and various other colors places against their faces to help determine their exact shades. Motives uses this unique technique to more precisely figure out the perfect shade of Custom Blend Foundation.


After figuring out several different tones and pigments, the resident artist went on to show how to create that coveted, great everyday look. Many of the women present were professionals looking for a way to spice up their look for the office without looking like they belonged in a Spiegelworld cabaret. Here are the suggestions for the perfect office eye makeup:

1. Use a neutral eyeshadow, like a soft pink or beige on the lid, sweeping the brush from the inner corners all the way to the outer edge of lid.
2. Sweep on a brown shade into the crease to create a little more intensity and brush softly towards the outer corners.
3. Curl eyelashes
4. Swipe on 2 coats of brown mascara, using a zig-zag motion, working it up the lashes to create lushness.

The night was a great success in helping even the busiest NYC women in how to create a simple, yet beautiful look and learning the best colors for their skin tone.

More information regarding Motives can be found at And visit the Paradise 54 website to browse their current specials.

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