And from tart lemon to Tartans…
NYC’s Tartan Week is upon us. So gather round ye lads and lasses,
plaid is IN.



Starting on March 30 and running through May the Forbes Galleries (60 Fifth Ave) presents an exhibit called Silver of the Stars. The theme is ‘drink with a friend’ and famous names have coupled with silversmiths to create signature mugs and jugs. Check out, among others, Ewan McGregor’s goblet.

Beginning March 31 and continuing through the 8th of April, Grand Central Terminal treats visitors to a vibrant display of Scottish Culture with their Scottish Village. I wonder if they’ll show us what’s really under the kilts?


On April 1st, for you runner-types, the Scottish Executives are sponsoring the Scotland 10k run. For more info, go to

Next week, when Scottish week is in full swing, you can visit the NY Historical Society (170 CPW) where, on April 3-5, they’ll have talks about Scottish influences and figures in American History. I hope they’re going to serve up some Scottish Shortbread, too.

The rest of the week if choc full of Gaelic Festivities. For more information on where to enjoy some authentic Scottish bagpiping and country dancing, the Tartan week football match, the Tartan week parade, or the post parade parties, log on to You’ll even find out where to get yourself some hagas!

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