Aphelia Skincare: Traditional Medicine Meets Contemporary Science


Traditional Chinese medicine has found its way into skincare, thanks to Aphelia, a premium line that meshes old world thought with contemporary science. The products draw upon the expertise of herbal synergies of yore and the biotechnology of now. The old world collides with the new in the form of some pretty luxe creams!

Aphelia, founded by Dr. Johnny Lai, has revolutionized the extraction and micronizing process. When boiled down to its base parts, all the scientific jargon translates to this: the ingredients in Aphelia products work to improve skin, thanks to a concentration of herbs.

The line is looking to make the leap into the American market and with its combination of old and new school thought, it could very well corner the market.

So how did East meets West feel when slathered onto my skin?

Well, applying Peony 9+5 Advanced Beautifying Eye Crème, designed to specifically target fine lines in the eye region, after cleansing added just the right touch of moisture.

Luminance 11+7 Whitening + Lightening Crème had the similar effect as concealer. I applied to the areas of my face that are susceptible to discoloration or darker patches, which is my under eyes and near my nose, to add even things out with a little sheen for good measure.

Luscious Crème de la Crème Intensive Hand + Skin Treatment, which is packaged in a dense, gold jar with a flower embossed on the lid, so it looks lovely sitting on the vanity or wherever you store your beauty potions –in my case, a shelf in the bathroom! The cream is extra rich and winter-appropriate; in fact, it’s so intensely hydrating that it’s practically decadent. I slathered it on my skin, immediately out of the shower when I was still moist, on a chilly November morning and it melted into my skin, leaving it extra softened. It’s the fluffy, thick stuff skincare dreams are made of, with the lightest, freshest scent.

I wanted to marinate in its buttery goodness.

Much like fashion, which mixes high end and low, Aphelia fuses traditional viewpoints with modern ones. The result is a winner.

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post.

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