April Showers


We made it through a ten-day stretch of ominous skies, lightening, thunder and enough rain to make us consider building our own ark, Noah-style. The sun was nowhere to be found, not even a glimpse of golden rays to give us hope that the Armageddon was not abound…In light of the inclement weather, the Cherry Blossoms of Spring are more lush than ever (pollen count high – get your Allegra ready) and the temperature is steadily on the rise. Hate the April Showers. Adore the May Flowers. This Daily Dose pays homage to one of nature’s most beautiful creations.

I have always been a flower girl. From walking down the aisle at my mother and stepfather’s wedding dropping rose petals along the way when I was five to a wardrobe filled with floral prints and patterns, I don’t discriminate. Tulips, peonies, hydrangeas, roses, I’ll even take a carnation (if it’s part of a bouquet that my dream man has sent, just for no reason at all).

Lucky for me, there are ways to celebrate my favorite garden offering without having to buy a second home in the country. And since the shelf life on the real thing is disappointingly short, an alternate crop of artificial blossoms offers a great substitute, never withering and lasting perennially.

The ultimate way to showcase your green thumb? Flowers in your hair, sprinkled atop your mane like a pixie in a fantasy forest. This look is 100% girly, subliminally sexy and best suited for… everyone!

From a drugstore variety such as Goody to a more ornate brand ala Frederic Fekkai (although I heard a rumor that they might be discontinuing their line, let’s hope it’s erroneous), floral hair accessories are a great way to kick off the Spring season without having to prune, shear and weed your way to a fruitful blossom.

Try tying your hair back with a big red rose as a hint of color in your typical all-back evening ensemble. Or, accentuate your pretty pastel dresses with a few delicate begonias adorning an imperfect bun. You can even jazz up your bikini by pulling those bangs back with some simple daisies. Whatever arrangement you create, it’s hard to go wrong.

Bendel’s has an entire section of the store devoted to divine hair accessories, with a vast array of flower selections on hand. Enhanced with rhinestones, bead work and crystals, these make the violets your mothers pride and joy garden turn green with envy. Look for lesser-known brands too such as Michelle Roy, Colette Malouf and Cherry Chau of Paris.

All right May, show us what you got.

[url=http://www.goody.com]http://www.goody.com[/url] [url=http://www.fekkai.com]http://www.fekkai.com[/url]

Henri Bendel
712 Fifth Avenue at 56th St

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