Arcadia: Where Simple is Beautiful


Black-clad boys pass out truffles in bird’s nests. I think I will, thank you very much. Gurgling serenity fountains and soothing ohm. Architectural design and fierce savoire faire. Killer finger foodies. Stylie all natural nail files (like pooka-shells), earthen pottery wares from the times of Kahn (eer, maybe not that long). Ceramic Moroccan lamb dishes (I was sure they were huge wacky wine decanters, but still… aesthetic). An incense collection from all over the globe that would dazzle and amaze even the globe-trotting Jolie-Pitts. Bubbling Prosecco and designer blue iced tea. [b]Of what, you wonder, do I speak?[/b] This Tuesday marked the pre-opening of the stylish new ARCADIA store in the former Big Cup location (a moment of silence for the Cup…okay, over it). Located in Chelsea on Eighth Ave., Arcadia is your new primo hideaway; an oasis of calm (no, really it is) from the honks and hustle of the city streets. Your personal serenity zone/Zen garden/leave-your-worries-behind/spa-shop beautifully stocked with hand-made, fair-trade artifacts and pishy-posh beauty and home products from practically every exotic port of call. The whole joint just kinda screams ‘relax!’ in the most oxymoronic sorta way. You can shop ‘n shop and relax for hours on end in artesian glamour and pampering. Stay all day long if you please (uh, yes please). Each precious product beautifully displayed in Arcadia has been handpicked by owner Jay Gurewitsch to specifically create a counterbalancing force to the insanity storm cloud of everyday city life.

I explore Arcadia’s spa rooms, in which a well-trained staff performs select beauty treatments with DR. HAUSCHKA COSMETICA and MURAD brands for facials, and restorative manicures (as in, fixing the nail nightmare you’re currently sporting from the $7 mani you thought was such a clutch deal), scalp treatments (I hear the men-folk looooove this), skin care consultation, Botox and Restylane.

So if you want it all, and you want it now… then come to Arcadia and see if they can’t satiate your Veruca Salt cravings for the most unique and best-of-the-best products that are out there…anywhere. And be amongst the first to crawl out of the heat and step into the cool of the Zen garden that is Arcadia, before the stomping hordes of Chelsea men discover this as-of-yet, hidden little gem.

228 Eighth Avenue (btw. 21st & 22nd Sts.)
(212) 243-5358
Store Interior Picture photographed by Andrew Zrike

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