An Intimate and Inspiring Exhibition To Visit This Spring

Stepping into the intimate space of My Pet Ram gallery, one is immediately enveloped by the vibrant and emotive works of Heather Drayzen. Her latest exhibition: The Way Home, a testament to the power of capturing ephemeral moments, is a must-see before it concludes on June 2nd.

Drayzen’s paintings are a narrative of life, each canvas a vignette into her world. The show, which opened on May 3rd, is her first solo exhibition in New York City. The works are a blend of figuration and abstraction of light and color, with descriptive elements that summon a psychological energy that is both profound and deeply personal. This sense of urgency and intimacy is palpable in her work. Everyday moments are transformed into something magical and significant under Drayzen’s gaze.

Heather Drayzen
Prism Light, 2023
Oil on linen
16 x 12 inches

Her use of light and color is masterful, guiding the viewer through a spectrum of emotions. The intimacy of her subjects is matched by the tactile quality of her brush strokes, inviting you to step closer and immerse yourself in the layers and high chroma palette. Her exhibition at My Pet Ram is a refreshingly raw and authentic experience that is as much about the art as it is about the artist’s journey.


Heather Drayzen
Frankies, 2023
Oil on linen
18 x 14 inches

For those seeking a unique and thought-provoking art experience, Heather Drayzen’s exhibition is a beacon in the New York art landscape. It’s a reminder of the beauty in simplicity and the power of art to capture the fleeting moments that make up our lives. Make sure to visit My Pet Ram gallery in NYC’s Lower East Side on 48 Hester St. before June 2nd—you won’t want to miss the opportunity to witness this reflection of life through Drayzen’s eyes.

Heather Drayzen’s paintings at My Pet Ram,
48 Hester St, New York, NY 10002

Find more information and details on this exhibitions at My Pet Ram, and Heather’s website

Heather Drayzen studio portrait (with Winnie)
Hannah Kadyrov

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