Calling All Copywriters (+ Future Copywriters)

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If you’ve ever dreamed of segueing over to copywriting or learning the nuances of writing for a new platform within the industry, or of simply knowing how to create a riveting portfolio, then for the next week only, you have an opportunity to purchase The Ultimate Copywriters Super Stack, which is full-to-the-brim with a variety of copywriting books and professional courses on the topic (14, to be exact!).

You’ll learn everything from the very basics of how to create and park a portfolio online, to how to market yourself as a copywriter, to the nuances of crafting long and short copy and the numerous tricks for rendering each as engaging, to the purpose of branding, and more. This Infostack offers two Master Classes, e-books, and e-courses all bundled together so you can take a deep dive to truly fathom every aspect of creative copywriting. Order it HERE.

Here’s a quote from one of the Super Stack’s authors:

I’m so excited to be a part of The Ultimate Copywriter’s Super Stack. I don’t think there’s a better deal out there for people who want to learn to write. You’re getting 20 years of my professional experience in a comprehensive course that costs less than lunch! What do you have to lose?”
Diana Kelly Levey
Founder of DKL Content Services Inc.

Delve in and have fun with creative word-wrangling! If you’re already a working copywriter, this will impart more insight and perhaps cover more platforms and realms (including experiential and product naming), and if you’re a beginner, this copywriting bundle at only $49 will save you the cost of a college class on the topic – plus, you can peruse the material for as long as you please at your own leisure. However, you only have one week to score this deal, so enjoy it yourself or purchase it as a gift for someone who loves playing around with language.


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