Candlelights and Classical Music: My Fever Experience (Taylor’s Version)

April 19th is a holiday for Swifities: Taylor will be releasing her latest studio album  The Tortured Poets Department. I predict it will be the album of the summer season like folklore was a few years ago. 


In celebration of this joyous album drop I drove to DC to attend the Fever Candlelight: A Tribute to Taylor Swift. This event compiles the best tracks from Taylor’s discography and turns them into classical bops. 

The Candlelight tributes were created to bring classical music to the public, in an approachable and innovative way through pop music icons. Their shows have consisted of Queen, Coldplay, and Beyonce… and now it was Taylor’s turn. 


I arrived dressed to the nines with my niece (a baby Swifitie who is wonderstruck by “Blank Space”) to St. Francis Hall. The hall was decked out with twinkling candles that turned the room into a magical chamber with a romantic glow. 


The concert began promptly at 6:30: a quartet of musicians, the Kennedy String Quartet, arrived on stage playing “Lavender Haze”. From that moment on it was time to celebrate the inner Swiftie with songs like “Snow on the Beach”, “All Too Well”, “I Knew You Were Trouble”, and “You Belong with Me”. 


Each song had the audience humming along and the Quartet put on a show that would make anyone a “lover” of classical tunes.


At the finale the musicians played “Shake It Off” and had the audience grooving in their seats. I snapped some videos from this joyous time to remember this enchanting evening. 


Snag tickets to the upcoming Candlelight Spring event here and the many other Fever events. Their Dining in the Dark series has caught my eye. Well, until next time, Swifties!

All photos are credited to Fever