Q & A with Author Blake Miller

Author Blake Miller publishes the second installment of his fantasy series with DELOS: The Moon’s Eye. In this latest book the amazing story of Cynthia, Kaden and Alec continues with twists, turns and magical new developments as they take on the Quest of Six Waters. We asked the author to answer a few questions about the latest book, his process, inspiration and more.

1) Did you always know you’d write a second installment to follow up DELOS: The White Tree?
Yes, I did. From the very beginning (over twenty years ago), I knew DELOS was a series, not a single book. But I didn’t want to exclude any readers, so I have made each book as accessible and as much of a “standalone” as possible. So as a result, much like the beloved Harry Potter series, it’s helpful to have read the previous book/s, but it’s not necessary.

2) What did you learn from writing DELOS: The White Tree that you brought into DELOS: The Moon’s Eye?
I learned so much, in fact, that I went back and re-edited Book 1 after completing Book 2. But the most important thing I learned was how to streamline the story by trimming it down. There’s nothing more crucial to a book’s overall success than making it easy to follow and enjoyable to read—an overall entertaining experience.

3) How have the characters evolved?
In DELOS: The White Tree (Book 1), Cynthia Summers and Kaden Krossway (aka the “impossible” twins) learn they possess magic-like powers called magikas. They are brand new to magikal world—just as their powers are brand new to them. And their friendship with the third main character, Alec Mulsiver—a loveable, roguish prince—is still being forged.

In DELOS: The Moon’s Eye (Book 2), Cynthia, Kaden and Alec must continue to grow individually and as a group. Cynthia and Kaden begin to learn why their magikal powers are so unordinary and special, perhaps even unique. But the three of them are tested beyond anything they ever dreamed when they must survive the perilous Test of Six Waters, in order to gain a magikal substance they can use to save their friend, the Lurkur Witch known as the Lil of Lurkur. But their quest is further complicated when they are forced to join up with a surprise fourth companion, Sorra Arrayal (the granddaughter of the series’ overall villain, Iblis Arrayal!).

4) What do you hope readers will walk away with after reading this Fantasy/Sci-Fi adventure?
A feeling of savory satisfaction, followed by a sense of eagerness for the next book in the series to come out.

The DELOS series does not exist to deliver messages; rather, it exists to entertain…to be enjoyed. It takes the reader on amazing adventures through magical new worlds, where the main characters are faced with seemingly insurmountable challenges, life-and-death situations, and memorable villains. It exists to give the reader what they want most of all: the highs and lows of exciting climaxes and crushing anticlimaxes, culminating in an immensely satisfactory ending that ties everything in the book together…then ends with an epilogue that sets the stage for what’s coming next.

5) As a writer, how do you continue to stay inspired?
I don’t know what drives other authors, but for me, writing is my purpose. It is why I am here. I never get tired of it—though I can overindulge and need to take a break. But even if I tried, I wouldn’t be able to stop my mind from always turning back to my work, to my writing, to my stories.

6) What words of wisdom do you have for a first-time Fantasy/Sci-Fi writers?
1) Treat your writing as a job.
2) Have a destination; write toward it.

7) Are there any authors you look to for inspiration?
Frank Herbert (only Dune), Michael Crichton (especially Jurassic Park), and JK Rowling (notably Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire).

8) What’s your favorite thing to read when you’re not writing your own books?
Food labels, probably.


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