Aselina’s Second Birthday Celebration inside the Park Avenue Gansevoort


This last Wednesday, Aselina, the Italian restaurant inside the Park Avenue Gansevoort Hotel, celebrated its second birthday with much pomp and fanfare.

Upon arrival we were ushered inside a large room filled with a slew of Manhattanites, predominantly wearing head to toe black (who are we kidding, the usual urban uniform). The front bar was serving a delightful array of high-end mixed concoctions, needless to say the Grey Goose was flowing with abandon.

Contemporary, minimalistic decor set the bar apart from the restaurant and the whole space was complemented by effective mood lighting and affable staff. In addition to drinks we were also served a delightful range of appetizers such as shish ka bob and spinach squares, an indication of how good dinner must have been. Seats were filling up quickly in the dining area, and patrons were caught up in rousing conversation and the ample amount of drink and food, plus street-style artwork occurring in the brick hallway.

For those who don’t want to venture all the way down to the meatpacking district but still enjoy all that the Gansevoort has to offer – the venue on 29th and Park has it all. I hadn’t been to this space yet although I’m a fan of the Gansevoort further downtown, and I was happy with the proximity to everything Flatiron has to offer. Close to a slew of advertising agencies, media companies and not to mention Fifth avenue shopping, Aselina seemed like the perfect happy hour or dinner and date spot. One could start off with a drink there, ease into dinner and then head off into the night, or opt to stay there for the entirety of the evening.

To sum up the night in general I’m looking forward to going there again soon.

420 Park Ave South, NYC

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