August Getty: Fairy Dusted Femininity and Classic Reinventions


The August Getty show focused on light, pastel looks that were ultra-feminine and youthful. We caught August backstage, and he noted that his inspiration behind his designs was from his time spent outdoors as a kid. He wanted his line to be playful and reminiscent of beautiful gardens filled with soft, feminine beautiful women.


This lightness was transferred to the makeup looks and Kabuki, the lead make-up artist, confirmed that next Spring’s trend would revolve around the reinvention of the dewy look. Less was definitely more as he stressed the fact that you can make skin look even and beautiful without heavy foundations and powders. “The must-have product for every woman this season is MAC’s Prep + Prime Skin Smoother. It gets you that evened out skin tone without the heavy feeling of foundation,” says Kabuki.


The eye look was a mix of pastel pinks and purples with a fairy dust-like shimmer on top.  When I asked Kabuki about this sparkle, he mentioned that he used MAC ‘s Pro Longwear Lip Gloss “Mirror” on the models’ eyelids. “We’ve done a few things with makeup where we’ve taken a lip gloss and put it on the eyes; we’ve taken a skin mattifier and mixed it in with lipstick to get a more matte lip…we’re using things that work where we want them even though they’re not necessarily sold for that purpose.”


Moving onto nails, the shows nails were a unique matte purple color with a bit of textured sparkle. The trend for nail shapes was short and practical, but with a point to keep it edgy. The key nail stylist informed us, “Nude is becoming as classic as red and every season there’s a reinvention of nude. This season there’s a play on different tones of one color scheme. MAC’s nail transformation products were a key part to the look. These products come in a highlighter and contour shade to help give you some texture to your nail color.” Looks like contouring is no longer just for cheekbones!


Photography by: Navneet Guleria

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