AWEsome Doesn’t Even Begin to Describe This Event


Christo Fifth Avenue

Mes amis…welcome to the event of the month–at least so far (but I really think this is going to be difficult to beat). There are a few things in this world that are inarguably true: We love fighting a worthy cause, and we love doing it at an eventwothy…event. It would be ignorant to say that you have not been affected by someone with AIDS or HIV – we’ve all had someone we love been affected by the disease, and no matter the relationship, it makes us want to fight so hard – fight so that no one else needs to feel the pain again.

Well, now I deliver you an event at which you can fight the fight — but with fabulous bells on!

Please join Christo 5th Avenue and AWEsome Women (the Alliance for Women’s Equality) as they raise money to support [i]AWE’s[/i] core programming and to launch new initiatives to raise public awareness about our country’s HIV/AIDS crises.

Mais, qu’est-ce que c’est this event, my beloved readers? DAMNIT WHY DON”T YOU TRUST ME????

Seven words: Nia Long (Third Watch), Melyssa Ford (BET TV), Olivia (G-Unit), and Baze Mpinja (Beauty Editor: Vibe Vixen Magazine) — Oh, I’m sorry, are you being techincal with my word count — PARENTHESES DON’T COUNT, SUCKA. Ha ha. My rules. When you get your own column, we’ll chat. November 7 — 1:00pm until 9:00pm — The EIGHT HOUR event will consist of celebrity hosts and guests enjoying a day of spa pampering, trunk show shopping, and silent auction with the proceeds going back to AWE. Guests will enjoy treatments like Hair Touch Ups from Christo, Make-up touch-ups from E.L.F Cosmetics, hand facials from Z. Bigatti, body fat analysis from Metabolic Makeover, and nutritional counseling from EC Wellness. Hi, I didn’t want to bring this up cause it’s an AWEsome cause and all, but … BODY FAT ANALYSIS???? ARE YOU NUTTY McNUTTY PANTS???? I love y’all, I do. But no one’s gonna be seeing [i]my[/i] ass getting a body fat analysis. End quote.

Moving on: there will be donations and silent donations accepted at the event. All proceeds will benefit HIV/AIDS research. I may not know much, but I know this is a good cause. Unlike the “Please, Please I need a Marc Jacobs Handbag” cause. I do, but…I mean, priorities people, priorities.

Christo’s 5th Avenue: 574 Fifth Ave, Floor 5, RSVP: Amanda MacNaughton THINK PR (212.343.3920) [email protected]. Amanda rocks, but … if you don’t email her or call her pronto, I CANNOT guarantee you a spot at the event. I like to think of myself as a miracle worker, but alas, I am just a girl — a plain, simple girl.

Suggested donations at the event range from Big Mama Donation: $300; to Sweet Baby Donation: $150. All donations are welcome and appreciated. Or you could do the Holy Crap That’s An Awesome Donation and go above and beyond the $300 — I mean, seriously — that new pair of shoes, or….Think about it. Act. Do f-ing something. If I can, you can. Bring it on, biznatches.

[/center] [center] [b]YUMMMMMM!!![/b] [/center] [center]
[/center] [center] [b]Madame Clément Martini[/b] 3 oz. Clément Premire Canne White Rum
¼ oz Grenadine
2 oz. Pineapple Juice
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