Backstage With James Kaliardos: M.A.C. Pro Show Room


James Kaliardos believes that makeup can make you feel and look great! James Kaliardos is the official pro makeup artist for L’Oréal Paris and a lead artist for M.A.C Cosmetics. You have seen his work in many magazine articles, ads and runways. Kaliardos has worked with several designers and celebrities including Balenciaga, Fendi, Karl Lagerfeld, Chanel, Lady GaGa and Beyonce, just to name a few. One of his most recent works was with Lady GaGa for the January Vanity Fair issue. The makeup pro has been an influential figure in the fashion industry for many years.

When Kaliardos is with his client or talent he sees more than a face, he cares for them and wants them to look their best. With each shoot or fashion show he creates an idea, accentuates it, searches for the right products and makes it beautiful. Most of his inspiration comes from models during the 70s, especially Pat Cleveland. Before the beauty expert begins on any of his talent, he is a firm believer in starting with clean skin. Yes, makeup can give the appearance of beautiful skin but at the end of the day, there is nothing more alluring than radiant, clean skin. Before you apply any makeup, always make sure to exfoliate with a toner, and then moisturize the face, eyes and lips. Makeup always works better on freshly cleansed skin.

After cleansing, the first step is concealing. To begin, conceal under the eyes, chin, corner of the nose and any other problem areas. Before applying the concealer Kaliardos suggests mixing it with moisturizer. He feels that it is one of the best ways to achieve the most coverage with a light, natural finish. After concealing he suggests using foundation, mixing it with moisturizer to achieve a natural, lightweight effect.

From there, Kaliardos moves on to contouring and highlighting. What he loves about contouring and highlighting is that it sculpts the face and gives more dimension. Use a taupe powder to lightly contour the jaw line, hollow of the cheeks, temples, and top of the hairline and creases of the eyes. After contouring, highlight above the jaw line, cheekbones, chin, the eyebrow and forehead. The last and final step to adding dimension and color to the skin is blush. Start by applying blush in the center of the cheekbone slowly working your way up to the hairline. The beauty aficionado feels you don’t need to apply blush on the apples of the cheeks because you already naturally have enough color there. Don’t be afraid to disagree with him on that.

After adding dimension and color to the skin, Kaliardos moves to the eyes. The first step is to apply a beige eye pencil to the water line, to help brighten your eyes and reduce redness. From there add mascara. Kaliardos prefers more of a thinner brush when applying mascara. The makeup pro believes in building the thickness with mascara but still achieving a feathery lash. To apply mascara get as close as possible to the lash line and work up, repeat that several times. He showcases one of his favorite tricks with mascara, demonstrating that the closer you get to the lash line; it will give off the appearance as if you are wearing eyeliner.

For spring it is all about colorful lips, though natural lips are always in style. First Kaliardos lines the lip with a neutral lip liner, a color very similar to your natural lip. Lightly apply the liner so you do not receive a hard line around the lip, you want it to blend but still give dimension. Over the lip apply a tinted lip balm. Keeping your lips moisturized gives off the appearance of fuller lips. To finish the application always powder the T-zone. By powdering the T-zone, you absorb any shine but still leave that natural glow on the cheeks and around the eyes.
James Kaliardos is a talented makeup artist and has significantly influenced the beauty and fashion industry. Kaliardos sees makeup as an art and knows how hard it is for women to always look and feel their best. His mission is to enhance your natural beauty and make you feel good and confident about yourself.

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