Band of Outsiders Spring/Summer 2014

Street chic meets a minimalist vibe for Band of Outsiders Spring Summer 14 collection. The collection is easy going, and tells a story of the laid back urban customer – floral print oversized tops and bold colored trenches all paired with aviator sunglasses speaks volumes about the youth in the sunny cities.

Dick Paige, representing Shiseido, worked with the styling teams to create a make-up style that complements the aviator sunglasses. “There is nothing happening here graphically, [with the models’ faces], there are no sharp lines.”  Instead there is uniformity about these models’ make-up. A dense concealer is used that emulates a natural glow from the sun, in an effort to not contrast from the mirrored lenses of the sunglasses.  Minimalism is the theme: using a pale cream color beneath the eye, on the lid and below the brow, it is then blended with a more subtle, tinted tone for the cheeks.

The hair style brought to life by Dider Maligne for Red Rene Furterer, pairs very well with the natural make-up look. The hair is pulled back and hangs naturally wavy behind the models’ shoulders. Some hair pinning and clipping is used for bangs and layers, yet the overall tone remains uncontrived and effortless.  In this way the hues of cobalt blue and yellow-gold, as well as the statements made by oversized pants and tops are the most striking elements of the show.

With a city skyline as the backdrop, the models appear to be simply walking down familiar streets, as if in their home towns. “Think L.A. Confidential, think Chinatown,” explained Paige, “the less we do to them the better.”

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