BCA Product Spotlight: A Tote that Comforts


What can you do for a friend or family member with breast cancer?
What can a patient do to prepare herself for surgery?

The BFFL Bag, designed by Dr. Elizabeth Chabner Thompson, proves to be a thoughtful and useful overnight recovery bag. Dr. Chabner Thompson has firsthand personal experience with this disease and has worked many years with strong survivors – she knows patient needs expertly.

The roomy stylish tote provides comfort, convenience, and caring for women facing cancer surgery.
It’s chock full of all the little things she’ll need for both the in-hospital surgical recovery and any post-surgical chemotherapy or radiation. The BFFL Bag contains:
– Axilla•Pilla® support pillow
– SkinCeuticals gift pack with CE Ferulic Serum, Emollience Cream, Eye Balm, Simply Clean, and Phytocorrective Gel
– Foldable, washable water bottle and comfortable skid-resistant slipper socks
– Drain Care Pack (supplies and instructions)
– Toiletries Pack (everything from earplugs and toothbrush to a nail care kit)
– Amusements Pack (cards, note cards, pad, pen)
– Expandable folder for important papers and cards
– KIND healthy snack bars

Easy to handle, the BFFL Bag is made of lightweight, stain-resistant pack cloth, has metal feet to keep it off the hospital floor, inside and outside pockets, and is big enough to hold clothing and other essential special items. Available at http://www.bfflco.com.

15% of the net profit from purchases will be donated to http://friendsfightingcancer.org/

BFFL means Best Friends for Life.

This bag satisfies that mission.

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