BCAM: Lillie’s near Union Square

Lillie Langtree (more commonly know as Lilly) was a British-American actress, socialite and a person born just prior to the turn-of-the-century. She was a powerhouse in her day and a lady about town known for dating noblemen and various actors. She ended up with the title ‘Lady de Bathe’ after marrying sir Hugo de Bathe and resided in Monaco. She was mostly known for using her celebrity to promote cosmetics, soap and anything to bring in the bucks. She also allegedly left a hefty sum of money to a young man.

Oh, Lilly, times have changed!

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month (BCAM) and Beauty News NYC Magazine is running feature articles the entire month to raise awareness and contributions for the cause — many restaurants, lounges and clubs around New York City are following suit to call attention to this disease. Lillie’s Victorian Establishment is raising a glass, contributing donations with their craft cocktail (above) and giving a shout out for attention to this important cause that predominantly affects our wives, girlfriends, sisters and mothers.

With locations in the theatre district and Union Square, this monsterocity of a place is all decked out for Halloween. The cavernous room is the perfect setting for a spooky night out with your ghoul or goblin. Make sure you order some pub-grub and the specialty cocktail during the entire month.

Proceeds of the cocktail will go to their choice of BCA.

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