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I recently invited my friend, Tony, to see a dance performance at The Joyce Theater in the Chelsea neighborhood of New York City. My recollection of this space has always been a place for dance while Tony informed me of the days when it was a movie house called The Elgin. The Elgin showed and premiered the silver screen reels all the way back to 1941 and the Kinetoscope kept on gyrating until the late 1970s when it became a less than a G-rated place for movies. In 1982, the building was reopened, renovated, polished and preserved as the new owners insisted on retaining the patterned brick façade of the art-deco building.

Above all, the interior was gutted with specifications to serve the demands and needs of all dance troupes — regardless of one hoofer or an entire dance troupe. Currently, it is home to more than 400 domestic and international dance companies. The doors at The Joyce have reopened.











Dwight Rhoden and Desmond Richardson first created Complexions Contemporary Ballet in 1994. The group continues to inspire human movement on 5 continents in over 20 countries with many people both on and off the stage, following them along the way. They are poised to help the world of dance at a time when we all need to experience live performances – one step at a time.












There are two different programs currently running: Program A: Snatched Back from the Edges and Love Rocks. Program B: Truly, Madly, Deeply and The Future. For those who love the strum, strut and artistry of Lenny KravitsLove Rocks is back by popular demand — it’s a mesmerizing performance with passion, intensity, lush melodies and hard rock edges — on point.

The company artists include Jacopo Calvo, Jillian Davis, Thomas Dilley, Vincenzo Di Primo, Larissa Gerszke, Brandon Gray, Tatiana Melendez, Simon Plant, Zion Pradier, Jarrett Reimers. Miguel Solano, Tim Stickney, Candy Tong, April Watson and apprentices Emma Branson, Christian Burse and Aidan Wolf.

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