Gay Pride Week: Beautiful and Proud


NYC PRIDE Kick-Off Party Hosted by KIEHLS

Zachary Quinto and Taryn Manning launched Pride Week NYC at Kiehl’s flagship store with the most hardworking “Lion” in the glam industry, Chris Salgardo. Many gathered to give back to the community with a hefty check for the Hetrick-Martin Institute (HMI) and supporting Gay Pride NYC.

Kiehl’s has contributed millions of dollars to various charities over the years. It is not isolated to just boys and girls who like to primp. Their focus, under the leadership of Salgardo, helps children get fed inside and outside of school, people with HIV/AIDS get medicine and the elderly find comfort.

“I’ve worked with Kiehl’s on other initiatives regarding the environment, and I have friends on the board of HMI, so I wanted to get involved in this because it’s close to home as they say. However, I was lucky as a gay kid growing up Pennsylvania,” says Quinto.

NYC PRIDE Kick-Off Party Hosted by KIEHL’S

“You can do a lot in this world and still be a successful company,” says Salgardo. “It destroys me that kids are going hungry in America. I see people eating out the trash cans in the city. It shouldn’t be like this.”

Feed America and LifeRide are just a few of the organizations that he works with. The latter is a fundraising motorcycle journey across the states that raises buckets of cash for charities like amfAR. Tonight they raised $5,000 for the Hetrick-Martin Institute, an organization that provides for people between the ages of 13 – 24.

“We are helping people get nutrition, find housing and an education. It doesn’t end here, it’s a constant struggle,” says Salgardo. He is a “Lion” when it comes to business and fundraising.

Yes, it’s Gay Pride Week NYC, it’s also time to be beautiful inside and out; give back to our communities: gay, straight, whatever.

Chris, Zach and Taryn are proof that beauty is not only skin deep.

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