Beauty and Brains

When’s the last time you flipped through a magazine and were bombarded with beauty ads filled with products promising to “erase fine lines” or “lengthen your lashes”? Or the last time you turned on the tv to see a glowing celebrity talk about how the product advertised is what gave her that flawless look? I’m sure no more than 24 hours has passed since you’ve come face to face with an embellished beauty advertisement.

That’s where popular skincare brand Cosmedicine comes in to be sure you’re getting the results promised. Cosmedicine products provide everything your skin needs to be healthy – all the essential vitamins, antioxidants, proteins, botanicals, peptides and essential fatty acids. These ingredients are present in the most effective levels and are scientifically designed to be readily accepted by your skin.

Since Cosmedicine’s results are scientifically and statistically measured in clinical trials and not based on what some women thought they saw in a mirror, you can count on some serious results. In an effort to challenge beauty brands to tell you the truth, and nothing but, Cosmedicine has launched a “Protest the Beauty BS” Contest.

The video contest challenges you to create spoofs, satires and parodies of misleading and hard to believe beauty advertisements. The winner gets a $5,000 cash prize and the top ten finalists get a year’s supply of Cosmedicine products, which they promise, will give you beautiful, healthy skin. All eligible entries will also receive a free gift.

The contest runs now through September 21st. Log onto for official contest rules and how to enter.

So prove to those misleading ads that you’ve got beauty and brains.

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