Beauty Celebrates Earth Day


This Saturday, some of your favorite beauty brands will be celebrating Earth Day with special offers, giveaways and a team of semi-superheroes! Stop by the following on April 22nd and see instant payoff for earth-friendly practices.

Bliss’ Bags


Bliss has been watching you! They’ve noticed how eco-conscious you’ve been in carrying their eminent Bliss totes around the city to haul your goods. They appreciate the resourcefulness and to thank you, they’re giving you 20% off any purchase of Bliss and Laboratoire Remède products when you bring in a recycled Bliss bag to any spa location. Find the nearest location at We know it’ll be hard to part ways with your tote, but check out the next special.

Bottles Up


Just finished up your bottle of Kiehl’s Liquid Body Cleanser? You’re in luck. Kiehl’s is celebrating Earth Day by giving out reusable canvas tote bags to the first 50 patrons to return empty Kiehl’s bottles to one of their free-standing stores for recycling. Stop adding to the “bagillion” plastic bags stuffed underneath the sink. Save the earth (and some space) by finding the free-standing Kiehl’s near you at

Wham! Pow!


“Park benches, picnic tables, walls defaced?” Team Erase Paste to the rescue! Benefit’s new Erase Pastethe brightening camouflage for under-eye circles and facial discolorations that comes in three neutral shadeshas inspired the brand to erase some of NY’s “discolorations.” See the team in action, dressed in jumpsuits, fighting crime of litter and graffiti, on Earth Day at Skateboard Park under the Brooklyn Bridge at Pearl Street.

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