Beauty News NYC Goes Back Stage at Les Enfants Deprimes


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Photo by Danielle Sheridan

The British working class teen anarchists who started the punk movement would have probably raised a pierced eyebrow and maybe a finger if they knew they had been the inspiration for Henri Alexander, the designer behind the high-end street wear brand Les Enfants Riches Deprimes which means Depressed Rich Kids.


Photo by Danielle Sheridan

The Show
It was standing room only at The Box nightclub when the red stage curtain went up. The candlelit tables and low velvet sofas were filled with the tween fashion IT crowd in cigarette jeans, ripped shirts and hats looking like the show’s extras rather than their invited guests.

The Show opened with a bare chested male model in a long leather coat with shoulder length sleek hair and a wide rimmed leather hat sat on a small french style sofa in the center of the stage while a young model writhed around on the floor in a pair of 5 inch red velvet stilettos, white lace panties and an oversized white tee shirt emblazoned with the words ‘Young “C Word”’. It was as though Dorothy and Scarecrow picked up a crack habit somewhere along the yellow brick road. For the next 20 minutes a melee of surly looking teen models walked on stage, looked painfully bored and then walked off again only to be replaced by another equally pained teen. Two girls in school uniform style skirts and tartan blazers gave suggestive glances then made out in a painfully dull manner. The shock factor continued to escalate with a suggested menage a trois between 3 lethargic looking models. Finally, Dorothy flounced on in JUST a pair of white jeans. A bizarre show where unfortunately the overly dramatic choreography overshadowed the unique aesthetic that has lead to this brand’s rise to the upper echelons of cool over the past 3 years.

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Make Up
For an updated retro 70s goth smoky eye, outline the eye with a thick black kohl liner finish with a layer of gloss on the lid such as Elizabeth Arden’s Eight Hour Cream. If you try this at home, don’t over do it, you may look like you came off worse in an altercation with a door.

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It was all about achieving unisex anti establishment Punk hair. Girls and boys with shoulder length hair or Billy Idol blonde crops, one girl had green hair which may not have been intentional but “whatevs” s. The stylist’s secret weapon, aside from a wicked sense of humor? Pomade, a versatile finishing product which adds definition and shine.

Here is what we have deduced is going to be big this AW 2014:

In: Being bored and depressed Out: Day trips and Prozac

In: Huge rips and holes
Out: Sewing kits and moth balls

In: Black eyeliner Out: Vitamin D

In Being Riches, French and Deprimes! Out The rest of us!

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