BeautyNewsNYC Editors’ Q: Wedding Edition



This month, BN editors share their most memorable wedding stories.

“A friend of mine and her husband wanted a beautiful, countryside setting for their wedding and found a location with a corn field nearby, rolling hills and flowers in bloom — it looked like a movie set. Everything was ideal, until a flock of birds circled over the wedding party dining al fresco in the sun and dropped their wedding blessings down on heads, food and dresses.

— BK, Metro Mama & Metro Baby Editor

“In 1994, my college sweetheart and I went to a Friday night wedding in a little church on the outskirts of Philadelphia. We took our seats in the pew and when his cousin was walking down the aisle in her pretty white gown, her mother, father and siblings were sitting in their pew in the front row when the front of the pew collapsed inwards on their laps with a loud thud. Immediately, the mother and father burst into fits of laughter, with their other adult children erupting into peals of giggles alongside them. The laughter quickly spread to everyone in the church, including the bride and groom. By the time we all stopped laughing our butts off, no one was sure if we were laughing about the pew’s malfunction or the fact that her parents effectively stopped the wedding with their fit of laughter!

Weddings are usually stuffy, serious affairs, with the reception being the place where you kick up your heels, but this was the most fun I ever had at the actual ceremony itself. I still chuckle when remembering it.”

-Amy Sciarretto, Ask The Experts Editor

“I just attended a wedding two weeks ago where several guests were from Europe. At this outdoor wedding, we were given birdseed to toss at the couple after their vows. Unfortunately, the European guests were unfamiliar with this custom and launched the birdseed-filled organza bags like baseballs directly at the couple! Ouch!”

– Sharon Gomes Thomas, Metro Pets Editor

“I’m not much of a wedding girl at all…truth be told, I find most to be a giant snore. With bad food. Cake is really the only thing that saves the day for me. That all changed with the last wedding I attended – a fab celebration in New Orleans late last year. After the relaxed ceremony in Jackson Square, a five piece jazz ensemble led the wedding party and guests on a parade through the French Quarter while natives and tourists alike cheered us on. I can’t imagine a more joyous celebration – and isn’t that what weddings should be?”

– Dina Fierro, Editorial Director/Beauty Editor

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So funny! I needed this :)

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