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It’s always something, isn’t it? Cleaning, cooking, shopping, laundry, kids, husbands, boyfriends, obligations. Ugh, I’m exhausted just thinking about it. What the hell happened to me time, huh? Aren’t we good enough and don’t we deserve a little pampering and glam? I know, I know, rhetorical statements just waste time and space. Well, this Monday I say, “screw the world, let’s take care of ourselves!”

Tonight, September 12, Acqua Beauty Bar is hosting a night of “Manicures and Manic Cures,” and if the title of the festivities isn’t enough to drag you there, listen to this (or read…unless you were reading this out loud). Enjoy a special spa evening with Author and Life Coach, Karen Salmansohn, who has been described by the media as “Deepak Chopra meets Carrie Bradshaw.” As if Carrie Bradshaw could be any more fabulous. Karen is going to hold two sessions, one at 7pm and one at 8pm, where she will offer tips to help all us busy busy ladies calm down, slow down, and understand the necessity of a little me time. Seating is limited, so do what you need to do to get yourself there–if it’s stressful, I’m sorry, you can relax once you’re there.

No, no, it’s not free – but it’s pretty damn close. $50 bucks will get you a manicure or pedicure, make-up consultation, and…drum roll please…liquor! Nothing says relaxation like red wine, manis, pedis, and a damn cool chick who understands what makes other cool chicks tick. That was way too rhyme-esque — but you know what I’m saying. You’ll also get 20% off select Sue Devitt Cosmetics and a special gift bag. I cannot speak of what said gift bag will contain, but let’s face it, it’ll probably be awesome.

Acqua Beauty Bar: 7 East 14th Street; New York, NY 10003 — (212) 620-4329.

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[/center] [b]…Feeling guilty about pampering yourself when there’s so much going on in the Big Easy?[/b]

I understand, and don’t blame you. So, before you head off to Acqua Beauty Bar to get a little, give a little at the happy hour to beat all happy hours. Across the nation, bars are hosting “Save New Orleans Cocktail Hour,” where bartenders will be shaking up classic New Orleans style boissons and proceeds will go toward a special tax deductible relief fund established by the Museum of the American Cocktail. The donations will go directly to aid food and beverage industry workers who have lost it all and need to rebuild their lives. It’s just pure awesomeness, and you have no excuse not to go and help out.

New Orleans inspired drinks will start at $10 at participating bars, and you’ve got from 5pm-7pm…you can help a lot of people in two hours, so get sippin’. It’s a great excuse to go out with some friends, get trashed, and help a lot of people. Wondering which bars are hosting the “Save New Orleans Cocktail Hour?” Wonder no longer, my friends. Check out [url=][/url] – it lists every bar ACROSS THE US that is participating. I’m not suggesting you get all crazy and try to make it in each time zone–that’d be valiant, but nutty. However, you may have a libation loving cousin in Aspen who may want to check it out…or maybe a drink guzzling gal pal in Seattle who would love to help out.

If you still feel guilty about helping while you drink, I can’t help you there. But as they say in poker, “winning a small pot is better than losing a big one.” Anything you can do to help is appreciated…even if it gives you beer goggles and you end up going home with your co-worker with the hairy back. Hopefully you’ll end up getting more drunk with nicely painted nails, either way, it should be a great night had by all…!

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