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There’s lots going on today, peeps, so listen up …I’ve got some fun news about events, and one terrifico website I stumbled upon just a few days ago. Hooray for new internet shops we can go to and kill time while at work!

Since all my bits and pieces are awesome, I don’t know where to start…eenie, meenie, miney, mo…I smell an executive decision to start with the website upon which I stumbled, like, last week. Website, oh website, make me a match (instead of all those awful mismatched outfits I’ve got going on right now)…in need like me. Check out [b]Standard Style[/b] ( and let me know what you think. Actually, don’t because I’m guessing you’ll think it’s as awesome as I do, and then we’ll all be saying the same things back and forth all day long, clogging each other’s inboxes, and it’ll turn into a big clusterf(&#.

Here’s what I love about this boutique…it started as an actual, in the flesh boutique in Leawood, KS by a couple who had just moved back to the mid-west from California. Let’s just give a mad props to Matt & Emily Baldwin for…I don’t know, opening a rad boutique in Leawood, KS! The site, and the store, carry all of your standard faves like Citizens, Ella Moss, Generra, James Perse, etc. There are also some fresh surprises I haven’t seen at other online boutiques like Grail, Fornarina, Project E, Lily McNeal and a ton of others who perpetually deck themselves out in…well, themselves, probably.
[/center] Here’s what else I love about this boutique…not only do they carry women’s yays and hoorays, they carry men’s, baby, miscellaneous gifts, and…maternity. How fantastique is that? I mean, we’re talking sexy dresses, Chip & Pepper jeans, and hot outfits that…to be honest, I would like to see if they have in sizes for “first trimester” because they’re that adorable. On a side note, I’m just figuring that as a non-pregnant person, an outfit sized for first trimester would work – this is not actual sizing, so if you follow my lead, don’t blame me if it doesn’t work out.

Anyway, I dig this site, I dig its vibe, its look, and its stock. I’m going to dig it even more when it’s time for les soldes!
[/center] On to my next piece of [b][i]hooah[/i][/b] for Thursday. Are you a New York girl? I know, stupid rhetorical question. Are you a beautiful and stylish New York girl? Ah ha, see I got you. Look, I know we’re all gorgina in our own way (I, personally, am not gorgina in one of those I could be pretty for a living type things, but I take what I can get) – which is why I know first-hand that sometimes we could all use some sprucing up. Enter stage left the [b]New York Girls Beauty & Style Event[/b] to introduce you, stylish New York ladies, to spring’s color collections. Since we are about to exit the doldrums of bleak winter, why not have a fresh look to go along with that “oh thank god it’s over” expression written all over our faces?

The event will be held at Diva SoHo on March 23rd. I hear Diva and SoHo, and I’m like, peoples, I’m there. Ladies attending the event will receive exclusive expert advice on how to make everyone think you’ve been tanning in St. Tropez all winter…uh, I mean, how to look your best for spring. But, but, who’s giving all of this expert advice? Um, hi, experts, ladies, experts.
[/center] Specifics? OK! How about the top make-up artist from Playboy Beauty, who not only will dole out deep, dark secrets but will also be performing mini make-overs throughout the night. And, I mean, who doesn’t look fresh and sassy with that bunny lingering about so…hoppingly. Dr. Sharon Giese will also be on-hand to answer your questions about cosmetic enhacements…she and her staff were recently featured in New Beauty Magazine…we like people who have been featured in magazines, don’t we? Yes, yes we do.

Now, would you believe me if I told you I hadn’t even gotten to the perks of the event yet? I know, it’s too good to be true…there were be complimentary cocktails from 7pm-8pm…no, not like a dirty martini to a dry martini…complimentary like…drink all you want, and we’ll pick up the bill. There is also going to be a giveaway…with prizes…really, really awesome prizes like a three night stay at the Hotel Tudor in Miami. We like giveaways to hotels in Miami.

Oh, and…the event is sponsored by [b][i]us[/i][/b]…us as in BeautyNews. So, you know if we endorse something, it’s gotta be … hoorawonderful.

[b]RSVP to (212) 567-4034 or to[/b] [email protected]
[b]Diva SoHo: 341 West Broadway[/b] [b]March 23rd, 7pm-10pm[/b]

And…one more piece of goodness…

We all know that there are a TON of art shows going on this weekend. I thought I’d do a tres petite run-down, throw you some links, and say “hooray for art in Manhattan!”

[b]The Armory Show: March 10-March 13[/b]

[b]Scope New York: March 10-March 13[/b]

[b]…and one that isn’t an art show, but I think it’s fascinating and hilarious all at once…[/b] [b]The 9th Annual Memory Championship: March 11th (watch a bunch of people try to remember things…impressive, when I can’t remember what I ate for lunch)[/b]

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