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Ladies, Ladies…

I promised to sound the alarm for the next installment of the Billion Dollar Babes event, and here it is. Since the sale, I’ve gotten oodles of compliments for my Geren Ford frocks and have been preaching the gospel of her light and sexy pieces ever since. Now that Billion Dollar Babes is back in town, it’s the perfect time to restock.

This Saturday, more designers than you can stand will be going for less than you would believe. Sass and Bide, Vivienne Westwood, Tocca, Petro Zillia. What’s a girl got to do to get a point across! Mark this event in [b]ink[/b]!

[b]Saturday, August 28
The Altman Building8
135 West 18th Street (between 6th and 7th Aves)
RSVP required[/b]


[b]Colour Me Happy![/b] By Tallulah Dumonde

Do you ever think about the colour choices you make? I mean, NYers are famous for their dramatic ‘all black’ uniform, then there’s the red ‘power tie’ and the purity of white (ahem…yeah, I know you went there) on your wedding day; but have you ever really thought about the colours you choose and how they might effect your mood? Have you ever wondered how certain colours got their…reputation?
[/center] Often called ‘new age’ and referred to as colour therapy, or chakras, the practice of utilizing colour to express or influence ones emotions is actually a time honoured practice. Its actually pretty scientific. Light beaks apart, as we all know, when it passes through a prism, because each colour is on a different wave, with its own energy. Since we are, ourselves, made up of energy, each bit of energy around us has an effect on our energy. So the colours you choose work with (or against) you to convey your state of being. That’s my not-so-scientific scientific explanation. You’re smart…you feel me, don’t you?

So you’re wondering why I’m rambling on like some half-baked science dept TA…right? Well, I wanted to give you a little background in to the science-meets-art (and jewelry) of ROCKRAS. Rocks-for-your-chakras (and if you don’t buy into the chakra bit…they’re just freakin’ gorgeous pieces of jewelry that will have your friends salivating with envy). Designed to tend to your inner beauty as well as the outward aesthetic, this line is simply to die for.

Check it out:
[/center] Pink, known as the universal colour of love and femininity…is actually a primary colour in the heart-chakra of the body. Pink stones, such as this stunning pink tourmaline, are said to bring love and romance. Surround them with some diamonds and set it all in 18k white gold and you have yourself a ring fit for a princess.

Or how about taking positive energy to a whole new level by wearing some around your neck?

Bright, sunny lemon citrine is a real confidence booster. Surround it with some bling and you’re going to be getting plenty of attention.

The collection includes pieces made from precious and semi-precious stones. Each individual piece is made here in NYC, by one of the leading fine jewelry makers in the industry (he has created fabulous pieces for Vera Wang’s collection, Angela Pentaldi, Lorraine Schwartz and others). Line designer and creator Kimberly McDonald works to hand-select every stone used, giving each piece a special, individualized and personal touch. The line has been featured in Fashion Week Daily, InStyle Weddings and NY Woman, just to name a few.

To see more of the line, log on to and you’re sure to find a way to merge your inner peace with your outer fashionista.

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