Black Friday


How was your holiday weekend? Were you brave and strong and hit the stores on Black Friday? Or were you like me, and just stayed in bed? Actually, I met up with a friend at the Borders on 32nd and 2nd Avenue. It has to be the nicest Borders in the city, with their huge glass windows. Those windows make the place feel light and airy. People inside weren’t crazed at all; most of them were sitting and reading. I can’t say the same about 34th Street. I had to walk down that, and I felt like a pinball. I was bouncing and zooming around people to the left and right of me. Why can’t we have a slow walker’s lane? What is up with people who MUST walk slower than a snail, and of course they have to do it in the middle of the sidewalk? You try to pass them, and they won’t let you? ARGH!!!

Today I have one of those good news, bad news pieces. Bad news, the chain [b]Parade of Shoes[/b] is going out of business. The good news is that they are having a huge blow out sale, to run over and stock up before your size is gone.

Can someone please explain to me why jeans designers insist on an inseam of 34″ or more for women’s jeans? We don’t really need all that excess material, and if you try to roll them up, you’ll be rolling for a good 15 minutes and look goofy. So, the only alternative is to hem them. If you’re short like me, almost everything has to be hemmed and that can get expensive when you start adding things up. I found a wonderful tailor who only charges $6 to hem your jeans. His other alterations aren’t that pricey either. I collect vintage clothing and have this fabulous cashmere skirt that’s too big for me. He charged me $12.50 to taper the skirt and adjust the waistband. Did I mention the dry cleaning is the best bargain in the city? $6.00 to dry clean a suit! And they deliver! Yes, they take credit cards. [b]Toffy’s Dry Cleaners[/b] is a boon to the Upper West Side. They’re located at 150 Manhattan Avenue, between 105th and 106th Street, just one block up from Central Park West. They’re open from 7AM -7 PM Monday thru Saturday, 10AM – 2 PM Sundays. They’re so worth the trip. Don’t forget to tell them PJ sent you.

Need to escape the holiday madness? Then go to the [b]Andy Borowitz Show: Let The Healing Begin![/b] Tuesday, November 30th at the Marquee located at 356 Bowery (between Great Jones and E 4th St.)

Comedian Andy Borowitz has performed on CNN’s [i]American Morning[/i] and [i]NPR’s Weekend Edition[/i]. Check out his website [url=][/url] His guests include Mike Birbiglia ([i]Comedy Central’s Premium Blend, Letterman[/i]) and Todd Levin (host of the literary comedy show How To Kick People, [url=][/url])

The election is over; it’s time to laugh again. Showtime is 8 PM, doors open at 7:30 PM and it’s only $5.00! More information call 212-664-2957.

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