Blindness @ Daryl Roth Theatre

A little glimpse of light shines on New York City live performance.

After a very long dry spell due to Covid-19, Broadway and Off-Broadway theaters are slowly opening their doors with a few selected performances and minimal capacity.

Blindness is currently running at The Daryl Roth Theater in Union Square. Many will recall this old bank from the days of Fuerza Bruta, De la Guarda when the troop from Argentina made an impressive spectacle climbing the walls and ladders and suspended from harnesses danced and moved about the cavernous interior.

Today, Blindness keeps the audience in the dark while listening through headsets to the story of a car accident and someone losing their vision — I can only presume that it’s based on reading to the blind. Your other senses will be sharpened.

Dark, intellectual and depressing, this production is not exactly for those who like an uplifting narrative — the ‘Pollyannas’ who want to skip and laugh from the theater. This story is real and raw and reflective of life when things get out of human control.

The voices in your head belong to Walter Meierjohann, Professor Simon Stephens and Juliet Stevenson.

The best news is that live performances are coming back and we will keep you posted on what’s happing in and around New York City.

Daryl Roth Theatre
101 East 15th St,
New York, NY

Phone(212) 375-1110


Photo Credits: Trevor Leighton, Graeme Cooper, P.K. Greenfield, and Kevin Cummins.




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