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Ever feel like you’re spread a little too thin, with your 9-5 job, commitment to your gym workouts, cleaning the apartment, paying the bills, picking up the dry cleaning, going on your latest blind date, etc!? And this is before a husband and kids enter the picture! I often find that at the end of another harried day, my dear friends are the ones that get neglected. I see my manicurist more often than I see some of my college pals. Catch up with my mail man more often than my BFF. Can anyone commiserate? Because life in the city needs to be consolidated as much as possible in order to accomplish it all, I have found a relatively easy way to proverbially “kill two birds with one stone” that works well, and I’m here to share!

Girls Night In

Not to be confused with the trashy novel on the best seller wall at Barnes and Noble, this is a monthly tradition among four of my closest friends, which as first, we felt a little cliched and cheesy implementing, but now, is a ritual that we all eagerly look forward to, a night where there is copious laughter, catching up and NO MEN ALLOWED (meaning lots of sex and relationship talk ensues). Eager to give it a whirl? Here’s your recipe for a successful GNI:

– Take 4-5 of the coolest chicks you know
– Rotate apartments so that everyone hosts (saves the expensive cost of dinner and drinks at a brasserie and provides a more intimate and casual environment with which to dish)
– Have everyone contribute a good bottle of vino (amazing how much more interesting and less tame the conversation gets with every passing glass)
– Have some delivery menus on hand (we personally gravitate towards Sushi, easy to share!) to order in.

THAT’S IT! No need to decorate, clean or stress like a typical hostess does before having a suarez. Remember, these are some of your closest friends and they won’t be judging you if you didn’t have the chance to make the bed or do the dishes.

Most importantly, what it will do for your and your favorite amigas is create a bond, bringing you all to a deeper level of closeness. Call it a Ya Ya Sisterhood of sorts or fall into the roles of Carrie, Miranda, Samantha and Charlotte, but remember this: guys may come and go, but your girlfriends are forever. So celebrate!

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