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Do you know your city?

Do you feel sometimes as if the city is changing and you are remaining on the sideline unaware of what is happening in the greatest city in the world? Dead neighborhoods that have come back to life, off-the-track food venues that offer exceptional food, lifestyle and fashion trends that you don’t know anything about. How about taking a tour of your own city that offers you just that, opening your eyes to what really makes New York City vibrant and happening today. This is exactly what I did recently, with a tour of Dumbo, Dumbo Tours, Art & Culture, Coffee & Beer offered by BQE Tours. Led by John Garay, a native New Yorker from Queens, I felt like Alice in Wonderland being pulled in all directions through a labyrinth of Dumbo streets full of surprises and stunning sites, making me feel like I had never seen New York before.


The visit went from a walk on the Brooklyn Bridge to an exploration of the Dumbo neighborhood. Several stops at food venues, such as classic Old Brooklyn like Front Street Pizza or new ones like Brooklyn Roasting Company, Superfine and Jacques Torres Chocolate offered breaks during the promenade and allowed me to sample locally made, delicious and innovative food. I particularly enjoyed discovering the transformations the neighborhood had undergone with the innovatively-designed public spaces and learning about Brooklyn’s DIY (do -it-yourself) manufacturing movement.You will discover original street art at hidden spots from famous artists like CAM and Shepard Ferry, visit artists on-site and meet the fine woodworkers like Mark Jupiter, chic furniture designer to the local tech companies. All along the tour, the historical and cultural information provided by John kept my intellect on high alert with arresting facts and funny only-in New-York stories.


The Dumbo Brooklyn tour is only one among several offered by BQE. This is the best way to discover the city if you are looking for the “backwoods” journey with an eye on the cutting-edge and original aspects of New York.

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