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Let’s face it: going “green” is becoming more and more mainstream. If you’re not going “green” you’re living in the past. Now, everything in stores and plastered on television is in one way, shape or form eco-friendly, made of recycled goods or reduces your carbon footprint. And, although we, as consumers, may get caught up in the “eco-friendly” aspect of runway fashion trends and accessories, it is easy to forget how eco-conscious and energy efficient we can be with the flip of a switch.

Energy-efficient light bulbs have been on the market for quite some time now and just like hybrid cars, more and more are being introduced everyday, but The Ionic Bulb is quite different. Not only is it an energy-conserving bulb that uses a quarter of the wattage of standard bulbs, but it lasts up to ten times longer than incandescent bulbs, which is up to seven years. The real seller: it is equipped with a patented air purifying microchip ion-emitter that is powered by the bulbs own energy which silently emits negative ions that helps cleanse the air in your home of smoke, dust, pet dander, orders, allergens and airborne viruses.

One product that innovativley works in three different ways: eco-friendly, energy/cost efficient, purifying! Can’t beat it! For more information and to purchase visit

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This bulb really works .It cleans the air and lights the room.I wish it was sold in stores so I could buy more without the shipping fees.


This is a great product, my house air is much cleaner and fresher and my allergies are gone! The company is also publicly traded under the symbol ZVTK.OB and could be a big winner if this gets into stores like Walmart, etc.


This is a great product and i am very happy to own one. I feel like my allergies have gone away and my wifes smoke clears right up too!!!


Great product, however, we are in Canada and the sales have not yet expanded to Canada so looking forward to having it available to Canadians soon.


They are working on getting the bulbs out to retailers such as Walmart, CVS, Rite Aid, HD, and Lowes


Hi Nicole, Where did you get the info about “Available in stores in May 2010”? There have been rumors but this is the first I’ve seen it published.

Chris G

Amazing bulb!

Purifies all odors in the room… including my baby’s diaper odors!!

Love these bulbs…. Why would you NOT buy these??


I have 3 dogs a cat and a large snake. When my mother used to come over to my house she would complain about the smells. Well since I replaced all my bulbs my mother says she does not even notice the odors when she comes over. Also I have noticed a reduction in my electric bill. Great Product. You can even invest in the company with the stock trading under the symbol zvtk.ob.


I like to smoke cigars. This bulb keeps my wife off my back about the smell. I now smoke in peace! This is one cool bulb.

Maxine G

I’ve had the Ionic Bulb in my house since the first of the year. It really has helped with my Allergies. I highly recommend this product.


great product great price.


How come you removed “Available in stores in May 2010″?

//great bulb


was going to order 2+2 bulbs over phone but it was very unclear as to what the total for my purchase was going to be before having to give credit card info.,more specifically the shipping cost.Is shipping cost 7.99 for 2 bulbs ea.making total shipping cost $15.98 which is more than cost for 3 or the 4 bulbs. Would like to try,but it makes no sense to order and pay shipping if bulb is going to be sold in retail stores,so i will just wait.


This ionic bulb, will it be in retail stores soon? I would like to try this product, without the shipping cost.If it works as they say, I easily buy more.

lily capstick

my livingroom feels fresh and clean no matter what is going on outside


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