Brunsdon makes Disheveled Delightful


The inspiration for Australian designer Jayson Brunsdon was Gigi, a girl after our own heart, who went out partying in Paris. She stayed out way too late and drank too much (sound familiar?). Boys played with her hair and it got all messed up. On her way home, she pinned it up using just her fingers and some bobby pins.



Backstage and runway photos by Therese McKeon,

In reality, hairstylist Joh Bailey used TRESemme products to achieve this sexy look, and makeup artist Gordon Espinet used MAC products to add a morning-after yet classic look. “She started out with perfect eyeliner, partied her brains out, got home way too late and right now her makeup is absolutely disheveled – but into something beautiful,” Espinet said. He used a new wine colored shadow from MAC due out this fall to achieve the look. “It has that little element of tiredness, but in a beautiful way.” The skin is natural and radiant, a flush without the red. And always loads of mascara. Basically, she’s the girl we all love to hate.



The look was cohesive right down to the individual hearts on each fingernail of every model. Cherie Pollard for CND created them specifically for Brunsdon’s show to match the heart shape seen throughout the garments.



Ruffles, organza flowers and tulle pompoms were the details of choice on the feminine dresses, jackets and cloaks. While most pieces were solid black, others appeared to be floral patterns from afar, but in actuality were pink bows, red hearts, and colorful showgirls. Each piece accentuated the curvy silhouettes and portrayed a romantic, cinematic flair.

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