Bye-Bye Cupcake, the Éclair has Won Us Over

We’ve got some crummy news and we won’t sugar coat it: cupcakes are over. Don’t fret; you’ll still be able to find them at many of your favorite bakeries across the city. Since Crumbs Cupcakes has closed its doors and cupcake stocks have plummeted, America’s cupcake craze has been pronounced officially dead by financial experts. But since Americans prefer their pastries to be on trend, there’s always a new one waiting to take its place as America’s favorite dessert. You read it here first: eclairs are the new cupcakes.

The “San Francisco” Éclair

There aren’t many people we’d trust to usher in a new dessert trend, but Chef Johnny Iuzzini is certainly one of them. Iuzzini was the pastry chef at Jean-Georges for ten years, and starred on Food Network’s Iron Chef: Desserts Only. So when he tells us eclairs are the next big thing, we know this isn’t some half baked notion.

Pastry Chef Johnny Iuzzini

While chocolate may be the first flavor that comes to mind when you think of eclairs, Chef Iuzzini is determined to expand the realm of possibilities for the pastries with new, more exciting flavors. To accomplish this he’s paired up with Le Meridien Hotels for a year long program during which he will create eight signature eclairs inspired by his own journeys to Le Meridien destinations around the globe. “I’m constantly searching for new flavors, techniques and ideas,” he explains. “And travel is a necessary source of inspiration.”

Chef Iuzzini’s first new flavor, The San Francisco, has already been released. Imagine an éclair of caramelized corn, blueberries, raw honey and almonds. We tried it and loved every delicious bite. It also has us convinced us that he may be on to something and indeed eclairs have the potential to be the next big thing.

So while Meridien hotels will be the only place to sample Iuzzini’s creations, we’re confident eclairs will soon take off and be available all over New York City. What do you think?

Learn where you can try them at:

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