BYO To The Rescue

The frustration of today’s recession-era, vino-loving social butterfly generally stems from a desire to navigate her way through the throngs of this city’s overpriced eateries to that mythic, elusive place where quality food, plentiful drink and budget-friendly fun coincide.

And, because we gals don’t have room in our busy schedules (or our handbags) for the time and tools required to scour thousands of New York City restaurants in search of those precious few affordable, classy options, tackled the Indiana Jones-sized undertaking for us.

Boasting a database of every bring-your-own-wine-friendly joint NYC has to offer (3,003, at the moment), ratings, corkage fees, pricing, hours, maps and reviews, one visit to will make the prospect of saving money while socializing way easier than that search for the lost Ark. (Harrison Ford not included).

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Eleanor Natili

We should plow through 3,000 restaurants where we can bring our own wine? Yipes!!Is this what eating out has come to?


You actually don’t have to sift through all 3,000 restaurants. There’s a filter which allows you to search restaurants by cuisine, location and features (outdoor dining, happy hour, live music, etc.).

Pretty useful for finding a restaurant with EXACTLY what you’re in the mood for.


You don’t HAVE to use this site, or BYO. The restaurants are more than happy to sell you a bottle. However, bringing one’s own wine to a restaurant isn’t a new concept, and has been done for eons. Some places allow it, some don’t. This service simply let’s you know who does, and if there’s a corkage fee or not.
It’s easy and quick to use.
This isn’t about having to do anything, it’s about having options. And that’s a good thing! :)


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