Glam Up & Get Down with Cary Nokey On February 26

Cary Nokey is a burgeoning musical collective that blends several music genres to create something original, but also very nostalgic. Partly inspired by raves, rock, and karaoke bars, this is not a band so much as a concept. SInce trying to describe music in-depth can often come off as insulting, I’ll simply say that the Cary Nokey experience is intoxicating and their energy is contagious.


Photo Credit: Melinda Di Mauro

I recently caught up with the artist 8 Bit (a.k.a. Rob Fusari) at the Pink Elephant in New York’s Greenwhich Village, and he told me about his latest project.

“I don’t want this to be about selling records or making money,” he says. “It’s about creating something new; I feel really inspired. I also think something is lacking in the music scene. New York had an amazing mix of sounds back in the days of CBGB, Studio 54… It’s time for that kind of energy, something that parallels the past but for this era. I grew up influenced by glam rock. I also had older brothers who were into disco.”

With an open but focused approach to Techno, 80’s glam rock, and even Grunge (imagine Kurt Cobain as a DJ), there is also a hint of The Stones, Ramones and David Bowie’s Ziggy Stardust — Cary Nokey mashes it up and puts their own stamp on it.


Photo Credit: Icarus Blake

Rob Fusari has written and produced music for several major artists: Destiny’s Child, Will Smith, Lady Gaga, and more. Now he is strapped into the cockpit of his time warp rockin’ rocket, and it’s his turn to propel into the music stratosphere — sound has no barriers with this vibe. Their fashion forward glitz and sparkle and the retro-future grit of NYC nightlife make for a potent music cocktail. Carey Nokey mixes it up perfectly. Learn more at

Attend the Cary Nokey birth experience this month on February 26, 2014.
The Box
189 Chrystie St,
New York, NY
8-10 pm

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