Catch the Blue Man Group Fervor

You’ve seen them worldwide, three nameless men who smash on drums and erupt audiences into uncontrollable laughter. The Blue Man Group.

I headed to their show on a rainy April day at the Astor Place Theatre. I figured I’d be the only person over 21 without a kid, but was surprised by the couples and solo folks who filtered into the theater. I settled down in my seat as the show began. Three men popped onto the stage and started off with a candy color explosion of neon paint splashing into the air. Children cheered, and the show was just getting started. The blue men performed a gag with cereal chomping, catching marshmallows in their mouths, and even inviting audience members on stage.

There was a man chosen to be used as a human paintbrush, a woman who dined on Twinkies, and a child picked as “best audience member.” The experience only grew grander with a segment on optical illusions mixed with rave elements of flashing lights and pounding music.

The finale consisted of toilet paper (that’s all I’ll say) and I felt in tune with my inner child. The wacky behaviors and extraordinary getups make Blue Man Group a must see for people of all ages, backgrounds, and cultures. There’s no lack of fun when it’s blue!