Cat’s Cradle

In the past few months we’ve seen the cat eye make it’s comeback on the glossy pages of magazines and on our favorite celebs (no we aren’t talking about the craziness that is Amy Winehouse either, though I’m sure one day beehives will see the light of day again, right?!).

Backstage at the Fall 2009 shows, black liner took center stage. We had the privilege of witnessing some top-secret unreleased gel liner from MAC in a shade called Blacktrack at the Thuy show. MAC Senior Makeup Artist Romero Jennings talked up MAC’s new Black products, exclaiming that they are “intense black shades that dry fast and last long!”

At Twinkle by Wenlan we chatted with MAC’s Director of Makeup Artistry Gregory Arlt on the liner look he was creating, which he referred to as a “kitten eye.” The overall look for the show was inspired by a girl in the 50’s heading to the drive-in for her first date, a sort of “Dita-Lite” (a reference to everyone’s favorite burlesque star, Dita Von Teese). The kitten eye comes from the idea that the girl has never done her own makeup before (as this is her first date) and is simply following what she’s seen her mother do. We get a slight wing at the end of the eye for a subtle sexiness.

At Tony Cohen we saw a dramatic Winehouse-inspired cat eye courtesy of MAC Key Artist Makky (yes, I too immaturely chuckled at the irony of his name and the brand name). He used black and brown liner that he then blended up to the brown bone and cut the shape with Coffee eye pencil for a “more fierce look.”

We know that trying to line your lids in a perfectly straight line can be intimidating, forget about trying to create that “cat eye” effect. Here are some tips from the MAC pros to have you saying goodbye Wino and hello Angelina!

Jennings recommends, always using a gel based liner and making sure you apply concealer and powder to the eye before applying the line to create a smooth, even surface. For applying liner to the top lid Arlt suggests holding the brush flat against the eye and letting the brush “go where it wants to” when you’ve reached the corner of your eye slightly turn the brush upwards for the kitten eye look.

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