Celeb Sightings, Apple Martinis and Bad Manners: Musings of Fashion Week


Aaaahh…Fashion Week. A time when Designers parade their newest visions down the runway and Editors fight for best placement on the sidelines – while celebrities (many of whom are paid to be there) smile for photo ops at ankle level, to demonstrate their ummm, “unwavering support.” With an average of four apple martinis a day, freebies like Rimmel Lycra mascaras, and a zillion opportunities to spot fashion week regulars like Patrick McDonald (who seemed to be everywhere, in very ‘John Malkovich’ fashion), what could there possibly be to gripe about?


Well…food, for one. You would think that if people under the billowy tents were drinking more than Nicole Richie before she ended up driving on the off ramp, someone would have considered a few tea sandwiches.

Then there are some of my media industry counterparts, to whom I would say only this: Honestly, this is supposed to be a fashionable event. No need to push, no need to shove and demand seats. We’re all going to get in, right? The room is not going to expand or contract…square footage is square footage. I find that very often, nothing turns a group of fashionable scribes into hungry lionesses waiting to be tossed a slab of beef faster than the idea that by shoving and elbowing their way through their colleagues they might get a grunt from a designer who is passing by in a flurry of preparation.

And the publicists…well, I want to personally thank a few very snarky publicists (most of whom, previous to the shows, sent invites and called to urge us to cover their clients’ shows) for making doing my job extra ‘special’. As if trying to cover a dozen shows a day while in stilettos wasn’t challenging enough.


While the image of Fashion Week is glamorous and leaves so many people envious, the truth is that it was a week that was filled with more bad manners than good. Certainly, many people were just lovely and helpful and maintained their grace under pressure. Unfortunately, it’s those little instances of “intolerable cruelty” that you remember, long after your tired feet stop throbbing.

So, all of this bad behavior has left me wondering, has all of the fashionability and beauty drained out of the Fashion Week?

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