Celebrate Earth Day with Skinnygirl Cocktails


Earth Day is essentially Mother’s Nature’s birthday. And much like your own Mother, she has a few demands.

– Take care of yourself and eat your vegetables.
– Take care of your surrounding space, give back and help whenever possible.
– Have fun (within reason) and always recycle.

Well, you’re in luck because Skinnygirl cocktails has a way to celebrate all three and bypass the inevitable guilt that comes with ignoring good ol’ Mom.

First off: “Taking care of yourself” can be interpreted in many different ways. Skinnygirl vodka has 75 calories per 1.5 oz serving, as opposed to the hundreds found in other brands. Additionally, if you follow the below cocktail recipes you’re getting an ample dose of vegetables. Probably even more if you finish off the vodka and find that you’re still hungry.

Secondly, after you’ve finished off the SkinnyGirl vodka, why not put your Pinterest board to good use for some traditional, inebriated DIY? You can bedazzle the bottles and turn them into vases for a breathtaking floral centerpiece, or cover them with glitter for an equally fetching look. All you need is a tall glass of skinnygirl vodka, an empty bottle, a glue gun and a head full of dreams. You can also take a bunch of your vodka bottles and pound them into the ground to mark the border of your flower garden. It’s an eco-friendly display that also shows your drinking game means business.

And lastly, you can do yourself, Mother Nature and the generations that come after you a favor and recycle the Skinnygirl bottles after you’re done with them. Now go have yourself a fabulous Earth Day and toast to our beautiful world with skinnygirl vodka.

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