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These days, being a celebrity is all about accessories. Balenciaga Le Dix bags, Chloe boots, Tom Ford sunglasses, Mercedes convertibles, these all accompany starlets everywhere they go. In recent years, more than quilted leather or bold hardware, baby bumps and strollers have dominated the realm of celebrity accessories. Just like Lindsay Lohan wearing a Chanel dress and suddenly it’s all any fashion tv show, gossip magazine or celebrity style blog can talk about, a protruding belly garners quite a bit of attention in Tinsel Town.


Perhaps it is logical that after the rash of over-the-top celebrity weddings of a few years ago that a drove of too-pretty mommies was not far behind. What’s the most interesting about the trend is some of the truly fabulous, multi-million dollar weddings, have no offspring (or chance of reconciliation – in some cases) in sight.

Those leading ladies lucky enough to snag the most popular accessory in Hollywood gain more than just a guesthouse full of adorable onesies and the luxury of actually eating. Naomi Watts, Tori Spelling and Salma Hayak have received more publicity, wanted or not, during these nine months than when they have major projects premiering. Certainly having a child is as big a career boost as an Academy Award.


Nicole Richie is so not used to carrying so much weight around.
Source: Brickandstonegossip.com

Two of the most recent women with child in Hollywood are Christina Aguilera and Nicole Richie. Though both are notoriously tiny, Christina is the only one of this pair showing any real signs of having children. Instead of Paddington bags this year, Ms. Aguilera and Ms. Richie more noticeably spot the ubiquitous Hollywood Baby Bump.


Source: Topix.com
Tori Spelling graces the cover of US Weekly.

The recent explosion of celebrity offspring seems a little off, however. In an industry where women try every which way to appear in the spotlight svelte and sexy, many women have made a media spectacle of – gasp – gaining weight. We wonder if pregnancy isn’t the loophole in the obsessive world of too-thin women hoping to be famous at almost any cost. Tori Spelling, following the highly successful and lucrative line as Brandy several years ago, made her pregnancy into an actual television program. And then, after reaping the benefits of her barely-watched show (seeing as how she was not going to inherit her fortune as expected), she got the cover of Us Weekly and a spread displaying her post-baby body. Smart cookie, this one.


With new celebrity couplings always springing up and a generation of famous ladies looking to settle down, I don’t believe there will be an end to the baby trend anytime soon. My prediction for next season’s star-worthy accessories: metallic bags, round-toe pumps, and twins.

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