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Things people might call you: a fashionista, fabulous, hot, trendy, perhaps even a diva, but an environmentalist? Um, no. But that might not be for long. Now, not only can you do something to help mother, and I do mean Mother Earth, mind you, but you will also be able to maintain that glamorous image. When you’re out trolling the streets for new toppers, pick up some Tees for Change. Sounds intriguing doesn’t it? These shirts are made with organic cotton. For those of you not too quick on the uptake, the change is that they are made from organic cotton.


Read, organic cotton is better than regular. According to the Clothes for a Change Campaign, conventional cotton accounts for 25% of worldwide insecticide use, making it the most toxic crop on earth, which in a nutshell, is no good. Organic cotton farming, on the other hand, does not use those icky pesticides. Being kind to the environment is the best thing, we think, since sliced bread, so do your part. Gone are the days when eco-fashion meant sporting Birkenstocks and homemade hippie skirts. Now top and emerging designers are incorporating organic cotton, bamboo, soy and even corn in their designs of the day.


Oh, and besides from being made with organic cotton or bamboo, all of the shirts are dyed with low impact dyes and screen printed with water-based nontoxic inks. Cool, huh? So jump on the big green bandwagon and instead of just recycling, do more, snatch up a new tee. A Tee for Change, that is. Tees for Change has even partnered with Global ReLeaf to plant a tree for every shirt the company sells. You can actually plant trees, just by buying a shirt. Maybe even start yourself a garden. Well, we know that sounds ambitious, but hey just throwing it out there.

Run, don’t walk to your computer, and check out and find out where you can get yours.

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