Che Malambo At The Joyce Theater – A Hot Valentine!

The dancers/percussionists and off-the-charts syncopated talent from the land that gave the world a sip of mate (tea made from the root vegetable from the gourd), as well as tango and gauchos (cowboys), will be performing for a limited engagement at The Joyce Theater in Chelsea, NYC.

Here is what you need to know:

This group of men will not only hit the stage hard but also demonstrate their timpani (drumming) that dates back to the 17th century with folklore music. They also utilize whirling “boleadoras” – a dangerous apparatus made with a string and a stone at the tip. (See above).

Che Malambo is guaranteed to heat up the city from Brooklyn to the Bronx and all the way back to Buenos Aires or La Pampa.

This is your opportunity for an incredible night out in the city.

Performers include: Federico Arrua, Fernando Castro, Francisco Ciares, Claudio Ciaz, Franco Martinez, Federico Gareis, Walter Kochanowski, Matias Gallardo, Gabriel Lopez, Matias Gimenez, Matias rivas, Fernando Gimenez with the concept, choreography, staging and musical composition by Gilles Brinas.

Valentine’s Day is Friday, February 14th. A gift/ticket to this performance will guarantee an extra beat from the heart.

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Photo Credits: Robert Torres Photography and Frank Wiesen.

Visit: Joyce for tickets and more information.

Che Malambo

The Joyce Theater
175 Eighth Ave.
New York, NY