Chelsea Stout: Whole Foods Bowery Beer Room


Everyone loves a good sommelier. They can help you impress a dinner party, plan an incredible menu or just recommend the right wine for a calm night watching television. But then there are those times when you just want a cold brew. Thankfully, Whole Foods has experts at the store’s Bowery Beer Room.



The latest and greatest addition to the room’s stock of domestic microbrews is Chelsea Stout. This Guinness-like beer is heavily requested around the bar, and for good reason. It lacks the bitterness and long finish of other stouts.

Despite being smoother than other barley-based drinks, Chelsea Stout still maintains the taste of traditional stouts. Creamy texture and a hint of coffee make this beer excellent with sweet treats to bring out the malt and barley tastes. Pairing this beer with chocolate or caramel flavors enhances the same quality that makes it unique. Upon trial, it tastes ideal following a spoonful of Phish Food Lite ice cream from Ben & Jerry’s. I’m sure that other frozen treats work just as well.



Whole Foods’ Bowery Beer Room gives New Yorkers the luxury of buying growlers. These are half-gallon glass jugs that can be filled, and re-filled, with the often-changing selection. Fitting in perfectly with Whole Foods’ eco-consciousness, growlers are purchased once and then brought with you each time you swing by the Bowery store to fill it up. You can spend $2.99 once and continue to refill the stylish glass growler with stouts and ales every week without wasting cans and bottles.

Cute glass growlers and a satisfying taste make Chelsea Stout the perfect offering to a dinner party hostess when you know every other guest will be toting a bottle of red or some kind of dessert. Those sick of vino at this point in the season will rejoice at a beer that works just as well with Christmas cookies as it does with happy hour. If you really like your hosts, you can let them keep the growler.

So now that the season calls for far more grocery shopping (throwing parties, going to parties, endeavoring to make elaborate holiday meals), swing by the Bowery Beer Room at Whole foods and fill up a growler or two with the newest and tastiest domestic draughts.

Whole Food’s Bowery Beer Room

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chris lueck

Is the beer you are using under pressure so that when I fill my growler, no air is introduced into the bottle. I’ve gotten growlers at a number of different places back home and it seems my beer goes stale rather quickly, even before I open it.
Your beer store is very impressive and the gentleman that runs it is truly a remarkable, beer lovin person.

More stores should offer the growler option.

Thanks again


A certain Chelsea is marrying a certain Mr Stout this week in Vegas and this is the obvious beverage choice for the occasion!


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