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JULIE DELPY’S “2 DAYS IN PARIS” is bar none one of the funniest flicks I’ve ever seen. Instantly enticing my erudition, seducing my inner-Ebert, romancing my writerly soul with side-splitting, savage humor and winning me over with her bold brand of graceful storytelling. Delpy’s most impressive virtuoso, tour-de-force film, nay cinematic experience… rubber-stamped as a romantic comedy, read: ‘chick flick’… is endearingly so much more. A complex miasma of filmmaking ingenuity: this romantic tale of two veers toward the sardonic (with a dash of edgy-afternoon-delight), and about as far left-of-center from puppy-dog-ice-cream-dreams as you can imagine (dare I say it?!) IN A FILM MADE BY A CHICK!?! Not to go all Kuleshov on ya’ll, but “2 Days” ( is a modern-day, cinéma vérité slice of life, anti-fairytale yarn about love (past, present, future and paranoic), sex, jealousy, possession, intelligence, verbal cockfighting, mental sparring (dark humor the weapon of choice), politics, perversion, racism and jingoism – a few light topics upon which Delpy deftly unleashes her literary wrath. As the writer/director, her ball-busting style rains-down incessant ridicule and delicious narrative pain upon the film’s protagonists. A hyperbolic tale taking place in gay Paris – and focusing upon Deply’s character, coupled with the insatiably mind-boggingly neurotic, hair-pullingly, brilliantly appealing performance of Adam Goldberg – as the two negotiate their blundering ways down avenues of romance in the throes of a love affair which may-or-may-not have run its course. All the while embroiled in this messy little affair we all call life – filled with all the complexity, history, herstory, truth, fabrication, perception, drama and heartbreak human beings can possibly endure at each other’s hands. Read more

I was most fortunate to attend an advance screening presented by GEN ART (, whose mission is to lend their indie heft to showcasing and promoting emerging talent, small studio-productions and lower-budget films (hey Julie, I have a eccentric little script for ya!). “2 Days” is a nonstop, raucous, cleverly-constructed maze of ‘no-she-didn’t’ anecdotes, rendering your jaw slack in amazement at the all-out mud-slinging, rude ‘n crude tit-for-tat, pearly potty mouth gems that drip from the golden lips of the flick’s endearing stars. Most notably including Julie’s (real) parents (and sis, for that matter), playing their namesakes. To wit, Julie quoth: “I found out quickly that, for example, some financiers were scared away by the dad’s crude dialogue. But I knew too that my dad would give it this adorable quality, because he looks like Santa Claus – like a perverted Santa Claus.” Truly a woman after my own heart (I sooo have a girl-crush on her), Delpy and her madcap movie creation are unabashedly hard-edged and vicious at times, while managing to maintain an airy air of quirky fascination throughout. Delpy continues, “I wanted it to be crude, politically incorrect and a bit mean at times.” I adamantly admire her dedication to an honest exploration of the dark side of love and life – without pulling punches or descending into formulaic notions of lovey-dovey mushy feminine stereotypical interpretations.

I would naught reveal any industry secrets, but I will hint at the most devastatingly priceless balloon gag to which you will likely ever bear witness. Now I’m no spoiler but I will warn the next time you hear the word ‘balloon’ following the movie you’ll likely find yourself overtaken by fits of laughter in the most compromising positions, as I abashedly was – in wind-removing pose at it were. (Keenan, please forgive – there’s a flick tix with your name on it in repayment for my inexcusable yoga-foul!) This movie is truly dangerous for your self-perception.

This sensational film opens in wide release in our fair city on August 10th. Take my word for it and sprint your little legs to experience its hilarity before the balloon jig is up. My first look prediction into my magical Oscar-crystal-ball strongly predicts this fearless Delpy chica is a shoe-in to become the first female Best Director Academy Award recipient (which I was angling for). But I’ll gladly relinquish my dream for this sister – cause girlfriend tears-up the celluloid strips like no-woman’s business.

2 Days In Paris
Opening August 10, 2007

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