Christian Cota Fall 2012


It’s Viva la Mexico with Christian Cota’s Fall/Winter 2012 collection! Inspired by authentic Mexican tile work and textiles, each look incorporates rich colors, textures and patterns. Desert tones of chocolate brown, terracotta and ruby engulfed the look, which were even further brought to life with pop colors of jade and ochre. Hair, makeup and nails complemented the ensemble beautifully, and are great ideas to incorporate into everyday looks. Top highlights from the looks included:

Hair: Fabric Inserts

Keeping the hairstyles cohesive with the theme, strips of printed fabric were braided into the girls’ hair and secured at the back to create a low updo. To recreate the look on your own;
1. Divide the hair into two sections, parting at the center from the top of the head to the base
2. Begin braiding one section at the middle back of the head, designating one strand of the braid to combine with your fabric strip of choice
3. Continue braid to the end and secure with small elastic. Readjust fabric strip if necessary to make sure it is secure.
4. Repeat with the opposite section of hair.
5. Cross one braid over the other horizontally and low across the back of the head.
6. Secure ends into hair with bobby pins.

Nails: Hombre Press-ons

Nails were done in a hombre effect using CND nail polish colors Chocolate Milk and Putty. Rather than painting directly on the nail, the color technique was finished on stick-on false nails and then applied. A line of Chocolate Milk is painted at the top of the nail and smeared downwards with a sponge. After drying, a line of Putty is applied at the base of the nail and smeared upward with the sponge towards the Chocolate Milk color.

Makeup: Red Eyeliner

Makeup artist, Hung Vanngo, uses a M.A.C lip color pencil in Currant to line the top and bottom water lines of the eyes. The corners are drawn out slightly and blended with a #219 brush. Keeping the rest of the face neutral and fresh, the eye is a subtle way to add color and incorporate a desert vibe.

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