City Pulse Style Police: Mod Nod


On February 27th, fashion designer, Lisa Perry teamed with the New York City Opera to host an event of shopping and cocktails in Perry’s sprawling Soho loft on West Broadway. Perry’s studio felt more like New York’s version of Twiggy’s closet, with the brightly colored shift dresses, spattered in daisy’s and polka-dots that were showcased neatly on forms with the designer’s donut-shaped handbags and chunky geometric jewelry displayed on the sidelines.


Perry’s distinct mod style is nothing new in the whole scheme of fashion history, but is certainly unique to anything on today’s runway. She began collecting vintage clothing and her passion soon propelled her to start a line. Her work obviously mimics that of an era from the past, but loses something that was once so new, risqué and free…or so I thought. The Spring 2008 line reminded me of something you’re more likely to find on Amy Sedaris than Anna Wintour. It was not particularly my taste.


Lisa Perry with one of her pieces

Because this was a benefit (10% of the sales from the evening were donated to the NYC Opera), women had the chance to purchase Perry’s frocks and as I was able to observe, it occurred to me that regardless of how tall or short the women, how long or lean the gams, how lined the eyes or small the waist, when each woman walked out of a dressing room in one of Lisa’s shifts, they looked and clearly felt, fabulous in anything from the Spring 08 line. It might be impossible to pull off couture Versace without a spray tan, Spanks and selling plasma, but not all designer dresses come at that price (or price tag).


Lisa with guests

Just before I left, Lisa so graciously gave me a sneak peek at her newest Fall line in the back room. I must say, there were a few choice pieces, including a suit (quite refreshing to see pants in a collection), a fabulous miniskirt and one of her signature dresses in a delicious kelly green, that have since swayed my opinion of the modern mod maven’s line.

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