City Pulse Style Police: The Softer Side of Soho

It’s been a long bleak winter for cashmere. Last year, TSE, renowned for their feather light cashmere clothing, closed its location on Madison and began distributing directly to retailers. All of which was all very well for retailers, but unlucky for any shopper who wanted to see the entirety of their collection in one convenient location.



Happily, TSE has now opened a new location at 120 Wooster Street in Soho. The bright, sunny, 2,500 foot space seems ideally suited to showcase all of TSE’s wares, including the men’s line. Shoppers from the former Madison location say that the luxurious space available in the Soho store makes browsing more enjoyable than ever. Moreover, according to the owners, the location in Soho (conveniently situated right next to Barney’s Co-Op) will be likely to attract a younger crowd. This will doubtless please Tess Giberson, the new head of TSE. Giberson is said to be attempting to transition from traditional, uptown basics to trendier, more youthful clothing. This change is evident in pieces like their swingy tank dresses for spring and cap sleeved jackets. For those who might not fancy themselves a member of the cashmere mafia, the flagship also offers an exciting new line of handbags in addition to clothing. The rest of shoppers will be delighted to see the lightweight pieces and knitwear the store is featuring for spring – a refreshing change for anyone apt to think of cashmere as a winter fabric. And, of course, TSE sells some pieces in wool, silk and cotton as well.


Pieces from the TSE Accessories line

Owners are optimistic about the prospects for the new location and expect it to bring in approximately $3 million this year, which should be enough to keep it around for a good long time. So as the weather gets warmer, take a stroll down to Soho, or hop on your nearest R line to the Prince Street station. Either way, the new TSE flagship will give you something to snuggle up to through the last chilly days of spring.

To view the collection online, visit

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